I’m still throwing

Away the air from the lungs, and today there is still that little flag that someone have visited my open diary from your land, but this time from Google, but something  it say me that you are, and make me beat the heart so strong. and i feel your embrace  around my belly in a stronger way. 
My head is about to explode like a bomb. 
I feel our soft punch in the stomach that is uniting us always more, and those small electric shock, are becoming always bigger, even if they are far.

But they are projecting us in Our Parallel World, like our twirl, and that thought of yesterday is still hammering me like a sweet caress.
You that take a glimpse to what i write, but this is more persistent today: that flag even today is making me close the stomach always more, and i don’t wrong with you. My perceptions are always right, and everything is taking me to you, and think that those blue oceans  have read at least the lastest thought that i wrote few hours ago, it make me go crazy. 

I close the eyes, and i feel your embrace stronger that is tightening me from behind, and you feel my heart beating like a crazy, and everything is turning around Our Parallel World that we have started to build together five years ago, and now has becoming always more real.

My soul is shaking, feeling your heart beating at unison with mine.
We are looking at each other from far, but we feel so close one another, and eveything slowly around us become Our Parallel World. 
We are living a dream that slowly become true.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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