“Now it was”- ∟47∟

A run against the time, and Scott knew it well, but even knew that it had to be thing that we had to study it in each minimal particulars.
But he knew, even though it was a nosense, everything had to be done in hurry. The speech of Kitra had unleash something magical, but he didn’t know how long it would be lasting, for this reason, when he knocked three times to the closed shutter he did it with some hurry. 

After checked the three monitors, Benjamin have announced the return of Scott and with astonishment, he have seen the group of the ogres, who didn’t have wait for make hear themselves when they have went downstairs.
And when the large group have crossed the door, they were still commenting about Kitra ‘skill, while we were looking at them overwhelmed. 

Each one of them was speaking one over the other, and sincerely we didn’t understand anything about what they were talking about. We only comprehended that they were super excited, but immediately after, we have looked at Scott who slowly, have began to tell us how it went, and the group behind him at each sentences, murmuring something, and someone of them, have adding this or that sentence, and only when the euphoria subsided, the glance of Scott placed itself on Bench laid on the pool table closer to the counter, and with a questioning face, he have waited for that someone of us speak, and we have ended to tell him how it went when he have left the local, and so going to Bench, he asking him how did he feel and Bench only nodded and then, Scott have looked at us, and explained us what we had to do, and starting to think quickly how to arrive to a comprimise between us who had the creature inside that hole, and the dwarf, who who had her sister and the Ogre.

The group of ogres, seemed not interested to look at inside that wall , but they were ready to act by their own, and with a quick glimpse to everybody, they have left us, and immediately they went to Ogre Street where  they have would induced a reunion of emergency. 
They too, were involved in that business with the Ogre in that drain room, and without much thought when they walked into their street they picked up the others and came up with a plan following to Kitra’s speech.
They had to spread rumors that the creature of that savage accident was found still alive inside a wall of Scott’s club, and have the news print on the front pages of that neighborhood’s main newspaper, and at least let that page fall next to it to that drainage room, but don’t scare the other inhabitants: that matter had to involve only the main starrings.

The leader of the group have looked straight into the eyes one of the youngest and he have pointed him, asking if was him who knew someone to the printing house, and the young ogre have nodded, and quickly the older wrote something on a sheet of paper and he given it to the younger, and he reccomended himself to run directly there, and ask to his friend to waste only of a couple of copies of the next newspapers that would be go in print, and to wait there.
And when he have seen him turn to the left, the Ogre got back to look at the others in silence for a while, then with a serious way he have started to illustrate what he had maturated in those few seconds, and like a bullet, he have expose his thought.
“It can be a crazyness, but what Kitra have expose to the dwarf, we have to become it real.” and everybody still were looking at him, don’t understanding what he wanted meant, but only after few seconds of questioning faces, at end the leader have screamed: “The buzz!!” looking at one by one the others, who only  at the sound that word, had understood what they had to do.

Now divided the differents duties, the ogres had to go in front at the begin of that dark alley and spread those voices and make them arrive to the dwarf himself may hear them, and give us some hours more to organize something better.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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