I still don’t

Want believe that has happened once again. 
Me that wrote it many hours before, and then you come, then in a special day like your birthday. 
You have spent, how long? five minutes of your day to see what i wrote on my open diary, and it seem that you have heard in your head my wish, and you have accomplished it without any effort.

When i seen your link on that page, my heart is exploded, and i still try to calm myself.
I’m still throw away all the air i have in my lungs, and still don’t realizing what has happened. 
When i was sleeping i have could feel a couple of electric shocks crossing my minds, but i never figured that you came.
But they were so stronger than usual.

If i think on what i wrote several hours before, i can go crazy.
Our Parallel World is delicately surrounding us, and magically uniting always more. 
I feel your eletric shock, and you feel mine through these few words that i put in row.

If i close the eyes now i feel your embrace make itself delicately stronger, and i feel your voice whispering my name, and your arms around me are stronger.
Everything slowly is taking us in Our Parallel World, inside our shed, and there you say: “Breath with me” while everything  around vanish, and in the universe exists only us, and you are taking my hips tightening them sweetly and you are start move me in our slow dance where each emotions are expanding themselves, making us turn in the sweetest twirl that make us feel always closer each other. 

Now i can perceive each your thought. You too are throwing away all the air from the lungs, and can feel my heart beat like a crazy, as your. 
In a magical way  we are becoming always more one soul.
That’s Our Parallel World’s Magic.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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