Today as soon

Woke my thought have went to you, and now that your special day has begin, i wish  you eveything you want, and everything may become reality. 
I’m thinking  you much in these instants. I hope you have read all messages i sent you.

Throwing away all the air from the lungs, from far i feel your sweet embrace from behind, and your hold is tightening me against your chest, and despite today is a special day for you, from far i feel our heads are exploding at the same time, and  for a bit you have thought about me.

Our soft punch in the stomach delicately is growing, and our magical connection is about to begin.
Everything today is lighter than usual, maybe if tonight you upload a video we can feel our electric shocks crossing our minds few seconds before, and  everything will establish as always.

I close the eyes, and i feel that that thin thread each day is growing and become bigger, and everything become as always we had wished.
This solitary room is very next to our shed in your country house.
It’s enough close the eyes and when our connection begin, we have to throw away the air  and eveything become so close. 
It are missing few minutes and everything vanish, and in universe we exist only us, and our hearts will beat stronger than we can imagine, and we feel will close each other, and we will feel our breathes will wrapping us, and everything will be Our Parallel World… in this minute 19&19..

I’m shaking and i feel your closeness stronger than i can imagine. 
Together we throw away the air from the lungs. 
In those seconds everything become the most beautiful sensations that we both can feel.

Slowly i leave you, but you have gave the most emotion that i can feel, and you know it, because in in those seconds, you have felt the same, and together we are still shaking, and our thought is for each other. 


Listen to it⇓⇓


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