“Kitra” -∟46∟

Was the smartest creature who Scott had ever met in his whole life. 
Without say anything, she had understand that who had organized that salvation operation, had something big between hand, and she had started to say words that not even Scott have would said better.
She had start to talk about the time in which in that city there were no thoughts, and how much easier the life was when she was younger.

She was facing the the matter from far, and even if she had the dwarf in front, with that challenge glance, seemed, she wasn’t looking at him, and she was continue to speak about somewhat senseless, in the Ogre’s opinion, who was speechless.
It seemed, as if she was still talking to his big friend without take care of who she had in front, free from any chains, and ready to hit her, if some words didn’t liked him, but the more she was talk, the more he seemed fascinated by her words, as they had noticed before he entered. They had noticed that he hid himself to listen those stories, and now Kitra had touched one of the deepest point of the dwarf soul, and the real plan was starting just in those seconds, when she have begin to remember the begin of  one the darkest day of that  city.

With a imperceptible beckon, she had made the Ogre understand to be react if it was necessary, and even everybody outside, had understand that the time have came, and only when she have started to tell of that day, even the smallest  details got back in mind, not only in the dwarf mind, but to everybody who were listening to her.

“That incident have been one of the most roughest that i’ve remember. For days the whole city has fallen in a deafening silence. For days that clash has resounded among the walls of the buildings around, and anyone who passing in front of the car garage, have remain to stare that spot that the police had delimited.”
Kitra knew to have hit one of the last emotional part of the dwarf’s heart.
In the deep of the evil glance of the small white dressed creature, Kitra have could see a glimmer of that soul that he had lost that day, and after a long pause, she have said in the softest tone of voice: “We know in that incident, you have lost one of the most important part of your life, we are so sorry about that, but maybe you can always hope.”

Kitra left those lastet sentences in suspension, waiting for that the dwarf understood better what she wanted meant, and almost immediately he thrown himself against her, while the Ogre was about to get up, but with a slight gestutre of hand, the skinny female creature, made him understand that was all undercontrol, and when the white dressed dwarf approached to her as long touching her forehead, he asked with a tremble in his voice, have repeated a couple of time: “What do you mean… what do you mean?”
“I mean that maybe i know something more about what you are looking for, something that my brother Scott most likely have found. Don’t you think that i’m not able to catch some news in the middle of the buzz of the city, and what rumors are around?” 

The leader of the ogres outside have looked at Scott astonished about the smartness of her sister, and some questioning faces was looking at him, but there was no time to explain, but only to listening, and what Kitra  was saying to the dwarf. 
Slowly, in a theatrical way, she was explaining what simply his brother had said her in those two times he have came, and it seemed worked, because in the dwarf face was drawing something that looked like a glimmer of  hope to  see again that creature that he have thought to have lost, but that glimmer seemed vanish all of a sudden, and on the face of the dwarf got back all the evilness he had till now, and when he approached to Kitra more, he whispered inside her ears: “I hope that everything is real… otherwise i don’t know what can happen…”, and slowly he moved away from her, looking at the big Ogre leaned on the wall, who was looking at each singular move of the dwarf with much attention. 

When the small creature have left the drain room, for a long pause both the prisoneers didn’t breathe or they were doing it really slow, and when they have had the certainty that they were completely alone, asked themselves how they were and with a deep glance one to another, they have nodded.
They knew that outside there were still that group of ogres with Scott in lead, who knew to don’t have not to make any noise, and slowly he made the  others signs to leave. 
He knew perfectly that now, it was time to organize the most articulate part of the plan. 
Kitra had opened a gash, and now the others had to break down it and give to her and the Ogre the freedom.”


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