When you

Tonight you have knock the door of that dream, i made guided by you, and the more we went on the more, something inside me has grown so fast that i didn’t wanted believe. 
Me, in your personal picture book. And not in one only picture: in several pictures. 
I’ve followed you in silent, lack breathe, with the heart in throat. 
Me in that personal picture of book…  you was building something new, and you was illustrating to another person what it would have become, and she have asked you who that girl, but you have prefered don’t say anything, and have smiled her, and in someway i have found that picture book in hand, my heart has started to beat like a jackhammer, like it does in these minutes, while my head is about to explode. I have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 

I never dream something like this, that is bonding us in a stronger way. You that have several pictures of mine inside something very personal, and i don’t want be conceited, but i never wrong with you, maybe for real you have some pictures of mine in some folders of you pc, now i can go crazy literally.
Maybe even you are starting to believe something magical, is happening between us. 
And here it is 19&19, and by now, it isn’t a case, that everything  happening in these hours, and i don’t make it on porpouse. 

The universe has drawing something bigger than us, and it has dragged us inside. 
From five years each day happens something between us, despite our distance, and this lastest dream is the umpeenth proof. 

I’m sure that you are feeling the same strange sensation that i’m feeling in these instants: that soft punch in the stomach that delicately is linking us  each other.
I know even you are throwing away the air from the lungs, because you want understand what is happens in our soul, when feeling these emotions crossing your heart. 
I can approach to you and i can only whisper in ear: “It’s Our Parallel World, it want us closer”, and you look at me so still confused but  i approaching your forehead to mine, softly you caress my face, while your lips touching mine, tightening my hips between your hands.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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