“The pale color” – ∟45∟

Of the face of Bench was getting better, and fortunaly we’ve been capable to stop the blood that was continue to come out from his legs, and now we had to wait that Scott go back from that dark alley with some good news, or at least we hoped. 

That  creature  had stop to lamenting himself, as if the blood of Bench was the only source to bring him in life again, and Wally was checking him from the top of his greatness, and it seemed he got back inside the soil.

In that big local, now the only soft noises the we could hear, were our breathes, almost if  we given ourselves the oxygen to each other.  Beside that soft noise, the only thing that was reigning, was the total silence. 
Occasionally we everybody thrown some glance, in which there was just one only question, but for the reply we have would to wait stil a little bit, but slowly that wait it was killing us.

Scott  was entered in that dark alley, announcing his arrive making as much noise as possible. He wasn’t an Ogre, but he knew how much din they could do, above all when they were in search of those small fruits, and beteween the big din and grunts, he catched the attention of the two prisoners, who despite they had heard him, didn’t have stopped to talk. 
Kitra with a simple glimpse to the small but high window of that drain room, have make understand to her companion that someone were coming, and when she have recognized once again the voice of his brother, her tired eyes got bright again, but she have continued talk with Ogre. 

This time, was Scott to don’t understand what was going  on in there, and only when he placed himself,  he have heard some of their stories and he have understand how she have would approach the dwarf.
He knew that Kitra had heard him coming, but to be sure he grunted something, and only after a few seconds without making the dwarf who was listening suspicious, she replied to his brother: “I knew you would be back … we are almost ready!” and so sweetly, she have continued to tell the Ogre, one of the many stories she loved more.

Scott have grunted something and he made some big din, but he didn’t leave that dark alley immediately. He have preferred slid himself on the wall and listen the voice of her sweet sister, and forget for a moment in which situation they were.
He have closed the eyes, and he was transported in one of the most beautiful memories they had lived together, when still in that city it could run, and maybe clashing with another creature and that one, smiling was saying: “Be careful!”  giving a sweet pat on your shoulder. 

But everything got back to the reality when a big shadow have approached itself to the rusty round gate, and it became smaller revealing the real form of the white dressed dwarf, who remained standing still to stare his prisoneers.
Scott remained  to listening to but none of the occupants has spoken, when Kitra seemed looking at him with her sweet glance, and from her mouth, has came out only one of the simpliest, but even one of the most dangerous question.
“What is your story?”, and only few seconds of silence the dwarf placed himself in front of the chair where Kitra sat, and with a challenge glance, he screamed: “Are you kidding me? You know what i want and therefore you can imagine what is my story foolish!”
The Ogre was attending to that scene, ready to react if it was necessary, but Kitra knew how to take care of herself, and she had the same glance facing to the dwarf.

In those seconds, Scott had realized that he would wanted the support of the group of the ogres of Ogre Street, and without thinking much, he have left that dark alley for reach that street, and fortunately he haven’t had need to cross all the street, because he have recognized one of the group who silently passing at the begin of the piazza, and with few gestures he made himself understand that he had need of the group immediately in that dark alley, and he went back, and he placed himself once again, next to the small window next to the floor, listening.
But since when he got back, he didn’t have heard anything, but he was sure that it wasn’t happened anything, because the dwarf had need of Kitra, but only when the group of the Ogres have reached him, he have could take a quick glimpse inside, and only when he have seen still her sister on that chair, he have smile to the others, nodding.

Kitra knew how to use the words, and when she started to talk to the dwarf, Scott have warned everybody.
But there was no need: hers words would have enchanted anybody, and slowly have enchanted even the dwarf.”


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