“Right after Scott” – ∟43∟

Have given the first hit to that wall and the the first bricks fallen on the floor, everybody remained lack breathe.
We hoped to listen immediately some noises that it would gave us the strenght to continue, but we haven’t listen to nothing, but this haven’t discouraged us, on the contrary, and so even Benjamin with others tools have started to break the wall, and even after the second hits we remained to listen, but nothing.

We have continued to break that wall, and even you have collaborate, making space, and me with Bench, were the audience to that demolition. 

Scott among a break to another, was telling us that wall was the first that he had wanted to lift up because, when that car-garage was re-opened and, immediately after have bought it, from that part it were heard those laments, and Scott had believed that they were only some echoes of that big garage, but those echoes got scaring her sweet little sister Kitra and not only her. It was the first wall that have been lifted up, and after all the works, those echoes were disappear, but now, after discarded the other works he had made during the years, we everybody, had pointed to that one.

They had almost broke all the wall, when i have suggested a break, and i had ask Bench to prepare something fresh, and i got prepared some chairs, when from the bottom of that empty and dusty room, we have heard some noise.
How logical it was, we have thought  it was the oxigen that slowly entering, and moving inside, it was vibrate that part closed for years. 
The first whistle seemed to smashing against the opposite wall and return back.
Those small whistles seemed give life again to something inside. 

It were missing very few bricks to break completely that wall and we would have could enter to examine the inside, and it was Bench to start to use the hammer, and he have began to break those small bricks placed on the floor, but after a couple of  hits from inside that dark room, he have looked at us very scared, and when he made fall that hammer that he had in his paws, he have sighed something, while we were talking about something else, but i’ve noticed his glance, and his, already pale skin, became more pale, i have stopped everybody, pointing him: he was paralyzed. 

Bench was repeating the same phrase like a broken record, and when finally he have caught the whole attention, we have listened what he was attempting to say from when: “Something have taken my legs… i can’t move myself”. His glance was set on mine. I have tried to calm him, but i was petrefied as much him, and only with all the  few oxigen that i had in the body, i’ve called you, and you have looked at me, and  the only things that i could move were the eyes that, quickly got back to look at Bench.

You with the group went to the wall, to check what it was, but the dark seemed had wrapped even the only part next the exit of that hole, and that thing seemed don’t leave the hold from Bench.
Benjamin with one of his many paws was able to catch  a flashlight placed on the counter, and slowly have passed it to you, who was to the threshold, and slowly have pointed where there were the big feet of Bench, and when you have seen two dusty enormous fingers that held that scared creature, you have turned and nodded. 
You have met my glance, while you got back to check the situation, and in your glance, you gave me the confirmation that there was someone. I held back the breathe, and all of a sudden all the theory of a ghost were vanished, and the victim of that incident maybe it was really that creature, and what the dwarf was looking for was exactly him. 

A vortex of questions and replies, were turning not only my mind. I have could see those questions, even printed on the faces our friends, who were attempting to set free Bench from that hold. 
I was still sat on my chair, in front of that hole, but without realizing, i got up and i placed to the opposite where you were, and looking at you first, then i took a glimpse inside the wall, and i have see those two big hands were clinged to the legs of Bench. 

Maybe, i had a total different point of view of the actual situation: while the others were thinking that that creature wanted to drag Bench inside the soil, i have  thought the exact contrary. He wanted came out, but he was so weak to lift up himself, and those laments that didn’t wanted stop, were a helping demand, but all this was running in my mind, and maybe i was wrong, and now, the only thought that was running in my mind faster than the others was that one toward Kitra and i have thrown a quick glance toward Scott who have nodded, understanding immediately what i had in mind.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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