“While from” – ∟42∟

A side of the city it was about to make a big din, to the other it got prepare to go on stage, and it was got preparing all the elements to attract the main actor on one of important stage of his life, despite  he have would only two  spectators, and despite Kitra was very tired, was planning each thing to  the perfection in her head. 

She was looking at herself around, and  was thinking how bring each minimal thing to her part. 
The Ogre was staring at her astonished, how he have seen that light in those wonderful black eyes, and that desire to accomplish that duty that, maybe have would set her free and him. 
It looked like that she could take ideas from anything, even the smallest spider inside its web.
He was remained speechless when in one of the darkest moment of her imprisonment, she told him how was profound her bond with Scott, and one of her greatest regret was that she hadn’t heard his Scott when he said remain at home, instead to come out, and she had thought how much  worried he was when that night, he didn’t seen her come back, and those bad sentences in that quarrel, had hammered her mind for weeks. 

“Those bad sentences have been my lastest words that i said to him, and for days, or even weeks, my heart hurt me. I would be not forgive myself if they would been my latest words, now have to do the possible…” she said looking at end Ogre, and now she had the opportunity to make some great, and in that glance, the giant ogre had seen the very determination of that skinny creature with the two ponytails all disheveled. He smiled her with a strange grin, and made came out the only half fang that he had.

Very interested, he was looking at her, and he have could see in her glance that she was studing something very important: something that the dwarf have would surely immediately noticed. 
One of the most simple thing but that have would keep him busy for a long in that room together with them, but she hadn’t still find what she was looking for, even if in that room was hard to find, at end both of the prisoners had pointed the only thing that the dwarf was taking there two time a day: that bowl of dirty and undrinkable water, and for now they have thought that it was a right reason, but she had to think another better thing.

In her  mind she knew how approach the dwarf: the ogre had knew her oratory side. She could enchantment anyone with her soft of voice, but her biggest fear was get suspicious him by that curiosity born all of  sudden, and she was looking at the Ogre who was smiling her, as if he had, already the solution in hand. 
She was looking at him astonished, but she knew him, by now, and she knew that what he have would suggest her, it would be a good starting point. and when he ended to explain her his plan, she given him one of her biggest and sweet glance. 
He whispered only: “If we want make it the  most realistic possible, we have to start it immediately”, and she have nodded, and he smiled, and the first real question he wanted to ask the ogre concerned that fang that came out of his mouth when he smiled, and made her alot tenderness.

He touched it, smiling, and he started to tell her one of the his very first  fight in Ogre Street, when he was still an young Ogre, maybe the youngest among all those ogres.
That story unleashed the wished effect: when the dwarf has come with that water, one of his comments has been one of the bitterest that they had ever heard, but they had imagined it, but they haven’t figured that when he left the room, he was hid himself  to listen their stories.”


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