“While Scott” – ∟41∟

Was returning toward the main piazza of the neighborhood, he didn’t knew that inside his local, we had discovered almost the hid parts through the planimetry and  molst likely we had found the part in which have been heard those laments, and we were about to break down the wall that he had lifted up to divide that big space. 

We had given that duty to that only creature who only few hits have would made collapsed everything. 
Benjamin who with one of the many thin paws had the ax and in one another had a hammer.
But when Scott have entered, Benjamin have been the first to stop and have made fallen the tools, and went to his friend, and he asked how it was went.

I made him sat, and in his eyes we have could see a veil of sadness. I was worried, and i asked aloud: “He hurt her? Is she fine? Tell us what you have see. Have you been able to speak with her?”
After a couple of seconds that seemed lasting an eternity, he have lifted up his big face, and in his glance have blossomed a bitter smile, and with a soft tone of voice: “She is my Kitra, my little sister, she is fine… nobody can’t destroy her, she is strong like a rock, but i have could perceive in her voice and… in her glance… that she is exhausted”. 

With the last sentence, Scott knew to have intrigued everybody, and he have exposed everything, and while he was telling us, he was searching for another big sheet of paper,and he have used the reverse of the map of which we had no longer need, and he have started to draw something, but it was so confused, and so, gently Bench have subtracted the pencil from the paws of Scott, and while he was still telling, below our eyes, in that sheet of paper was being born the exact poky little room in which Scott had seen Kitra and our Ogre, and only at end Bench have passed the sheet of paper to Scott and Scott himself passing it to us, nodding, and even us, were remained lack breathe, because it was the same drain room that we had seen in our dream. We have smiled Bench for the perfect drawing, but now the question was hammering our head was: “Kitra would been capable to talk with the dwarf without put in danger her life?” , and without open the mouth, Scott have nodded, but he added too, that he had seen her very tired, and very skinny, and in someway he was a little worry for her. 

While he got back  to us, he, already planned another plan to be sure that what we had asked her to do, was going fine. Scott knew well her sister, and before to plan anything she have would to studied the right moment, and she have wouldn’t never give up. 
And it was a good plan. 

Talking freely with the dwarf about things that not even we knew the reasons, or at least were beginning to understand, was really difficult, especially for a tired prisoner like Kitra, and Scott didn’t want to put in danger his little sister more than necessary.
They would be passed others days before understand how to act to set free the prisoners, but we would be ready to react the day when Kitra had take courage to speak  to the dwarf. She have would warned us the day before, and the creatures bigger and brave would placed in that dark alley to listen everything and stay ready if something it would go wrong, and surely one of those creatures would been Scott.

Ended to have explained his plan, Scott have looked at us, and  we have could not say  him no, and without hear reply, the next day he would go him to the drain, and warn her sister.

Scott returned in the local with those ideas in mind, and only after explained everything, he have realized of what we were about to do, and with wide eyes open, have thrown a glance to Benjamin who was handle the two very dangerous tools, and only at end he have understand, we were about to break down a wall.
He approached to you, and silently you have indicated on the planimetry which wall would been, then he have looked at everybody and slowly he nodded, but he have looked at Benjamin, and without say him nothing have asked to pass him the ax, and only after looked at us once again, he given the very first hit to that wall.”



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