“While we” – ∟40∟

Were documenting ourselves on what was really happened during those days after that strange incident, Scott was going toward that dark alley, where it was hid her sister. 
He could see that drain channel, placed below that old building, but maybe it was all that situation, or even the strange events that had brought the dwarf  to kidnapping Kitra, when Scott stopped himself to take courage, to continue the walk.

He was so excited to see, or at least hear the voice of her sister that almost he was about to forget what the Ogre had taught him, but as soon he had seen one of the delicious fruit  along the dark street, he have started grunting, and between one grunt and the other have called the name of her sister, who immediately have recognized the voice of his brother, and  as the  first time, have paid attention to each grunt she was listening to.

As soon recognized his brother, Kitra have attempted to approach to  that sort of window, but that chair in which she sat it was nailed on the floor, and she was so weak, but with the same method of the Ogre, she have started talking with him, being careful to don’t make herself notice from the dwarf who was walking around. 

For a couple of times they left themselves go to the emotions, but immediately after, Scott recomposing himself, and he started to espose to Kitra their plan, even if he didn’t knew what we had discovered in meantime, but what  it was important is that her sister had to make speak the dwarf explain his reasons.
He asked how was the Ogre, and the ogre himself, learnt the scheme, he said: “I’m fine, don’t worry, your sister is a endless source of will strenght. From her i’m learning many things.”
Kitra have looked at him smiling. The ogre nodded. 

Scott knew that had little time available, but the desire to see Kitra was stronger than  him. and he planned something that, unconsciously, it have would be useful to everybody: the part of the gluttonous ogre. 
On porpouse, he made fallen one of the fruit inside the drain channel room, and acting that part, he have would take a glimpse inside, and he have would memorized that room.

When Kitra have seen that fruit falling inside the room, have wided eyes open, and she jolted when she was able to see his big brother, for a couple of seconds. That moment was dangerously intense, but Scott in those instants, was capable to memorize everything, but most important he have been capable the sweet face of her sister.

For those seconds, the Ogre, leaned at the wall opposite to the small window, has been their guard, and as soon the dwarf have arrived to check what was that big din, he have coughed and in the eyes of Kitra was painted a bit of terror, and in a blink Scott have moved away, while the dwarf have entered and this time have wanted checked closer the window, and on floor he have found the fruit, and he have taken it, then with disgust he have squeezed it, and  some drops of the juice were ended on his white dress, and always with a glance toward the window Kitra had heard Scott who was grunting her: “I will be back soon!”

Shyly she smiled, and have looked at the Ogre, who was very careful to see what the dwarf was doing in that bare room. 
After have checked everything was ok, both the prisoners with the glance, have followed him was leaving the room, and they have waited for a couple of minutes in silence, before to share an intense glance., but only after have heard a door slamming, the Ogre have asked: “Will you be able to do what Scott have asked you to do?”
Kitra have looked at him profoundly, shaking the head, and she said: “As much smart i’m, i don’t believe to be able to”. She was looking at Ogre and in his glance, she have could see a hope turning off, but when she have threw away the air from that thin body and said: “I will try”, he have lifted up the glance, and on his face was drawning a strange grin.”


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