The more i see you

The more i’m conviced that in someway, our connection is become each day is pass by stronger, and in someway you read what i write in this open diary.

You are started to make these reading far from our shack, and in someways, you have gave me right.
That shed has something magical, where is flowing our connection, and there it have to remain like we have left it. With our flows, with all our emotions. That shed, where i came that night, when still i didn’t know it was your, and where i left something mine, and i taken something your, and the universe have mixed itself, creating Our Parallel World.
And me, inside my little outbuilding, can feel something big that it unites even this with our shed.
If i close the eyes, i can feel your arms around my belly, while you are reading what i’m writing in these instants. 
In these moment, my head is about to explode, our soft punch in the stomach is tightening us stronger, and i from here i can feel your arms tightening stronger the belly, as much strong i have to throw away the air from the lungs.

I can’t swallow, and when i look at your eyes, i can only sigh and sweetly whisper your name, and i can hear your reply, and it make me thrill me, and everything become Our Parallel World.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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