“Scott was” – ∟39∟

Looking at us and he was ready to go immediately in that dark alley, but for an instant we have stopped him.
If Kitra have been avalaible to collaborate with us, and we knew that she would been, we had to know which questions and how she have would could start the dialogue with that dwarf, and gain the trust of his jailer till now seen as bad one.

Scott, who had waited for so long that moment, have looked at us impatient then he have reminded us how smart she was, and opening the door, he said: “Kitra will find the way don’t worry!” and without waiting for further, he went upstairs, with the other we have seen him through the monitors, and when he have vanished, without realizing, i sighed: “Be careful” and delicately i felt your arms surrounding my belly, then you have assurred me that everything would going well, and so we have got back to examine that map, and at each indication on that big sheet of paper, we have lifted the glance and pointed that or those wall.
We knew that between them, there was some of the solution of that problem that was afflicting that dwarf.

In those hours, we had sent Wally to the police department, to collect some informations about that misterious death, to know who was the victim, and collect informations on who had heard those laments after that that auto-boxing have been left  in disused. And when he got back to us, he arrived with a couple of boxes full of files, and when he have placed them on the table next to the one with that planimetry, he have coughed, lamenting, of how is the police were disorganized. But at end he came out with what he had wished. 

In those words, we have could perceived a thin sense of disaprovation when the inhabitants had obstacolated his attempt to solve that matter. He have looked at me, and i have could only sweetly smiled him, and he have smiled me back, sitting next to me, and he have started to study some of those files, while the others were continuing to examine the big room comparisoning it with that planimetry.  

Not even, Wally himself, have realizing that he had started to read aloud what it was written on that sheets of newspaper, when the buzz of the others have stopped to entering his ears, and he only few seconds after he have understood that he had captured all the attention of everybody, and slowly he reprised from where he had interrupted. 
“The victim was coming out from that auto-boxing when a car at all speed have run over him, without stopped itself. The victim, an undefinied creature, soon after have been rescued by some inhabitants, but as soon arrived the ambulance, the body of that creature has vanished below the eyes of the rescuers.
Some witness have said: «it was volatized itself» and nobody have never seen him no longer.” 
When Wally have replaced that sheet of newspapers on his big legs, as much he have totally captured all our attention, he have remained with wide eyes open, and with only a quick glance at Bench, he have understood that he have to find the next sheet of paper in which it was talking about those laments in that auto- boxing in which nobody had put feet since from that incident, but those files seemed they hadn’t a chronological order. But he and Bench knew that they were, because they remember those articles that had scared alot, as much they had asked to close that auto-boxing to the public, because they were hearing those laments, and they weren’t assuring nothing good.

You, with Benjamin and the Ogre, had stopped to check the planimetry to pay more attention to Wally, and you have decide to pour the content on the big pool table  and search for those articles. 
After  a long search, you have found one of the article  in which it was talking about those laments, and have started to read that article in which: “… some passers-by had heard those laments inside that auto-boxing, and after warned the police, the police itself have decided to ban the access, to the inhabitants.” 

You stopped to read, looking at everybody astonished, and staring Wally first then Bench, have asked: “Did you remember, despite the police ban, someone who walked often infront of that auto- boxing?”
After a moment of reflection, have been Bench to reply faster.
“Just few days after the incident, some ogres of Ogre Street have wanted to check the place, and they have dragged me with them. I was not interested to see, and i sat in that bench, where after the kidnapping of Kitra, i waitied for Wally, and yes, i’ve noticed someone, who was hiding himself, i belived that he have scared himself to seeing a group of ogres in mass… you think that…??” 
“I’m not sure, but most likely it was our dwarf.
And with that sentence you have left everybody lack breathe.”


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