I throw away

The air from the lungs, when i feel your arms around my belly, and everything is transforming in Our Parallel World without effort, and slowly we meeting there, and you are smiling me with your wonderful eyes, and everything become how always we had whished: so delicate, and our electric shocks are wrapping our beings, and the only thing we can do for don’t crazy is close the eyes and make us drag by our emotions. 

You with those eyes are saying me what you are feeling in these instants, and i can only feel your emotions that slowly are wrapping me like a sweet embrace, and i sigh your name, and from far, from inside my soul i feel you reply, whispering my name, making it become an enchament.

I can do only close the eyes, and feelin your ars tightening my belly stronger, and i see you that glance, and i caress your sweet face, while my heart beat always stronger, but then starts to beat unison with your.
I hold the breathe, for throw it away from the lungs, while you continue to call my name, and when our foreheads touching, my eyes are dive into your and slowly our lips are approaching each other, and our emotions are bloom in something unexplicable wonderful.
Everything inside our magical shed.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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