When i seen you

Once again there, my heart had a jolt, maybe that shack was becoming too public, and you have prefered to return in that corner of your house, and all those thoughts were crossing in my mind. 
Thoughts that only you and me can understand.

Thoughts that make heart beat strong, and now that i’m in my little corner of paradise, i can feel you closer than ever. If i close the eyes, and i throw away the air from the lungs, i can feel your arms around my belly, and  your sweet voice is telling that i was right, about the shed. 

There, is all Our Parallel World, and nobody couldn’t enter in. 
In someways in that shack is born our connection, and in that glance there are all your reasons.

Me in this big room it’s like if i was with you in your shed: that red chair next to that table… and it haven’t been on porpouse. 
Little things that are linking us always more, and maybe you are go in your shack to find your inner peace, like i do.
I hold back the breathe, shaking the head, and maybe it’s true what i wrote in my latest posts: despite our distance, the universe have wanted united us in this strange way, and we can feel it through all these uncoscious signs: one of all our electric shocks and our soft punch in the stomach.

I’m feel you, and i’m sure you are feeling me too, and this is only magical.
We are here, one in front another, despite that distance, and i can feel your embrace making itself stronger. 
I lack breathe.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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