“Came out “- ∟38∟

From the City Hall, we stood for a long moment at the begin of the white staircase, and we everybody, have taken a long breathe, as if in the air it was breathing, already, an air of renovation, something that have would change the cards in table, and that renovation was that planimetry of the building where is located the Scott local.

Slowly that day become more brighter than when we had left it. Everybody were in row and were looking at the envelope that i had in hand, and they were so curious to see that planimetry still before get back in the local, and there was no need to ask it, so when we have found a place enough quite in the that part of the neighborhood we have placed on the meadow and, almost with sacrality, we together, have opened the planimetry, and little  by little, we have started it. 

Each one of us were recognizing some parts of the building, and above all, Scott had recognized his local in that blue map with all the appartments marked in white. 
The more we were recognizing each corner of it in that blue map, the more the desire to check in person was growing, so that stop it was lasted very few minutes. 
It seemed a running against the time, and looking at straight into our eyes were thinking that it was. 
We had to stay inside the local to verified each walls, each door, so we have decided to get back. 

We had to discover what could have hid those walls, because thinking about it, what dwarf wanted from Scott, was only inside that place. 
Once Scott told us that he had buy that local when it was disused, and it were many works to do, but he have wanted maintain the orginary, but he had to put up a couple of walls to divide the local from the storage room, and now we had to check directly on place. 

Maybe we were more excited than the others, when arrived as soon entered, i had still the blue planimentry in hand, and immediately i had recognized one of the part added by Scott, but we everybody have preferred get this examination with all cureness and without hurry. And it was Scott to illustrate each thing that he had to added to transform that small auto-boxing in a local with all permissions in good standing.

We have listened to him very interested, while, we looking at centimetre by centimetre that local, making the comparison with the map that we had in front, what it had impressed us about his story, was the reason why that auto-boxing was disused: it was stage of a tragic death, and the inhabitants had listened some laments after that incident: they have believed that it was the ghost of that victim. 
Even Bench remained lack words, and he have looked at Scott wide eyes open, and at his words: “Maybe he is looking for that ghost!” we have looked at Scott with that same question.
Without realizing, i have looked for your hands, and when you have felt my hand on your skin, almost you have jolted, but right after you have delicately tightened it looking at me smiling. 

Scott have told us that he never belived to those creatures, but the question of Bench had shaked him, and he have looked at us with a glance that little by little, became always more wide open. “And if he is looking for that creature…. that ghost?”  he have whispered looking at us one by one. 

We had to know something more about that incident and to know who was that creature, and in someway, to convice Kitra to collaborate, and we everybody were thinking to the same thing, and only after a long glance among us, Scott made himself ahead. After a moment of uncertainty, we have nodded. 
Scott would be the next to go in that dark alley. He have assured us that he wouldn’t do nothing rash, and once again we have looked at him,  certain of what we were about to do.”


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“Scott was” – ∟39∟⇒


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