That funny small creature went upstairs, i  have shared a quick glance with you and the group, but none of you were approached to me, but when i haven’t seen him no longer, i left my place next to desk and with slow walk i have walked backward to  admire the interior of that building: thing that have made even you and  the others.

From outside it was a medium building with the classic stairways, and it was the only building that was distinguishing by the classic white color of the important buildings, and the main entrance was below an archade of six columns by side, and as soon entered, the imponent two staircase were crossing each other, creating a balcony. 
And the entrance seemed  that one of a stage, with big red curtain one facing another.

The floor seemed made by porcelain, as much it was glossy, and it was making its big effect with its dirty white in contrast with those red big  velvety red curtain, and stretching the look to the left inside a niche of the dirty white wall covered by the same red cloth of the big entrance curtain there was a half body statue of an acient creature and it seemed made of the same porcelain of the floor, but what it have impressed us were those eyes. Despite we knew it was only a statue, seeemed it was looking at us, and it he was making in a severe way.

I have looked at you, and you was looking at yourself around, have taken my hand, but we have continued to observe each mininum particulars of that apparently empty big room: on the contrary there were many things that we hadn’t kept in consideration, and with slowness we have continue to explore standing still. 

Next to the  statue there was a wooden door, it could have be a service door, but we have not deepened, and we went on: that small part of the wall had followed the style of the wooden door, but right after, we have met the staircase from where the strange and sweet creature went upstairs, and following the white dirty stairway, along the wall we had glimpsed something of green that seemd us  some shelves with some books: that one have impressed us, was one red book, that was in contrast with all that one green, and on top of of the shelves it there was a big gold open shell that was brightening thank to the sun beams that was reflecting on it.

It was the only book that we have could see, then the white balcony that was linking the first staircase with the other one, it have obstacolated us the view, but following the staircase to the other side, we had noticed the same scheme, but with that exploration, for that day we had concluded, because from the top of that main staircase, we had noticed the antennas of that small creature who was walking behind the balcony.

I have thrown a quick glance to you, and with a latest hold, you have left my hand, and looking at everybody, i have reached the desk  at the same time of the grey small creature, who have jumped on it with another leather envelope, and he approched to me, as if he didn’t wanted be heard, and he sighing: “I really hope you and your friends, may set free her, and finally she may reunite with his brother”, and saying this, he stretched his glance beyond my shoulder and he have looked at Scott, but as soon he have noticed that him was looking at that part, and for a second their glances met, the small creature have started to shake, and he looked at me as if he wanted to be insured, and softly i smiled him saying: “The planimetry of the city have helped us much. I hope even this one it will further be helpful, and we have reached these target, even thank to you” and i have caressed one of his tiny paws, then i have saluted him. 

When i have reached my friends, that small creature have taken all the courage that he had in body and screamed: “Good luck!” 
Astonished we everybody turned and for a second we have seen that afraid creature, straight into his eyes, then he was hid himself below the desk, but before to leave definitely the City Hall, i turned again and i have seen his tender little face resufarced from the desk.
Our glances met again. He have smiled me sweetly.”


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⇐“The phone” – ∟36∟

“Came out “- ∟38∟⇒

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