“The phone” – ∟36∟

Have rang for a couple of seconds, then  from the opposite side of the line a gasping voice have reply.
“City Hall, what can i do for you?”, and in that voice you have recognized the small rounded and puffy creature that we have met the other day.
After presenting yourself again, you have asked if we have could take another appointement for the same day, and the voice of the creature to the other line of the phone, seemed trembling asking how many would have come. 
“We can say, three or four, is it ok for you?” you was talking, staring straight into the Benjamin eyes, and he was nodding to everything you was saying to the creature, as if you wanted the confirmation that everything you was saying and asking was right. 

You couldn’t see the small rounded small creature beyond the telephone line, but you have could hear in his writing on a sheet of paper become always more heavy and at end you have could hear noise of a pencil breaking, and you have figured the nervosism of that small creature, who was try to be calm. 
Hanging the phone, you have heard that small creature had even difficulties to hanging the handset, as much he was shaking.

We everybody, have attended the phone call from different position: Bench was settled himself on the pool table closer and was playing with one of the many balls that were on it, me was still sat on the chair in front of Scott and i was holding both his big paws, and when you have hanged the phone, you have looked at one by one, in a silence that was scaring everybody.
We knew the reason of that phone call. That small creature, have would help us to discover what was hiding that building, and maybe find that something that was hammering the dwarf, and set free Kitra and our friend.

I have looked straight into the eyes of Scott, and he’ve smiled, helping me to got up, then i have reached you, and together we have stared everybody who were placed around us, without say nothing we have nodded, and so we have left the local.
Scott was still shaking, so i have asked Bench to close everything, and e was the last one to reach us outside, and like the last time we have reached the city hall.

As soon entered i have seen that small sweet creature behind the big oval desk, who was looking at me already in prey of a sort of a trembling. 
Benjamin was about to go to that creature, but i have stopped him in time. 
“Let me do everything. I do believe to have established a quite relationship with that afraid creature, you can remain here”, and so i have thrown a quick glance to you, and without make you notice, you have nodded, and you have follow my slow approachment to that desk, where that small grey creature was staring me, while i was smiling him really slow. 

I had understood how i had to behave with him. He didn’t took his glance off me, as long i have reached the desk. 
His glance was still scared, since when he have seen us entered, but when i have started to talk to him with a quite tone of voice, his glance have focused itself on my person, and it seemed be no longer worried about the other creatures next to the majestic entrance.

I have asked if he did remember me first, then he nodded jumped on the desk, making fall some sheets of papers on the floor. It seemed he wanted approach more to me and take my fingers, to have other confirmation of me. I let him do, and this time, he have wanted take my both two fingers of both hands, and with all sweetness that  i could have see in his eyes, he asked what he have could do for me, and without make him distract from  who were at the entrance, i have asked the originary planimetry of the building where was the pub of Scott, and the small creature antennas have started to moving faster over his head, as if they were searching that specific planimetry in his mind.
Only after a couple of minutes of waiting, looking at him with those strange eyes closed, he have re-opened them and he said: “I know where it is, could you wait for me here?”
I remained breathless, and with wide eyes open i have nodded.

He jumped off from the desk, and he vanished behind the desk, but right after, appear again on floor, directing on that big staircase that he had behind that white big desk, and just after a quick glance with me he have looked at again my group, but then he thrown a gaze toward me, and i have assured him that they would remained where they were, and with a funny way of walk he started to upstairs, while i was looking at him tenderly.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“For those who have” – ∟35∟


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