All of sudden

Your embrace around my belly, and your breath is wrapping me, and all those sensations are making me feel in Our Parallel World, with you who shyly smiling, and our glances met, and i throw away all the air from the lungs, as much i feel your closeness.

I close the eyes, and your arms are enveloping me, and everything is so velvety. 
Our electric shocks are crossing our souls.
Our heads are about exploding sweetly. 

I’m feeling here, around, and i feel your eyes set on me, and the soft punch in the stomach is growing faster, your voice is still resounding in this room, and i can dive myself in it, like a safe sea, and your eyes, with that tiny mole are my anchors.

I sighing strongly, and everything is growing fast in our minds.
That thread that is uniting us become bigger, and is materializing in Our Parallel World, and all of sudden we are inside of it. 
That shy smile become everything what i need in these moments. 
What i  need in these instants is only you.
You and nobody else.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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