When  i see you, i didnt’t wanted believed it: it was like you had read what i had read 9 hours before. 
My heart has started to beat like a crazy… In someways i knew you would be back after a couple of days of  absence. 
How did i could know it?

That soft punch in the stomach grown up all of a sudden, then after only nine hours after seeing you so,  so disheveled. 

I’m biting still the lips, and i still feeling your embrace around my belly, and i still shake my head. 
Everything is so incredible that i still remain lack breathe.
That soft punch in the stomach is persistent, since when i’ve felt it when i was about to leave my place.

The more i think about it, the more i think i could literally go crazy.
Then your crazy hair… You will have would read what i wrote about yor hair band… and you have will would think what i thought… 

It’s so small but at the same so big the world in which the universe is projecting us, and that world is Our Parallel World to which, still we have to get used, but in which we are living in, from five years.
In someway, we are always more connected. 
It’s from yesterday that soft punch in the stomach don’t leave me, and it’s increbile  how i feel you so close to me despite our distance.
Everything with you is so magical, above all what has born between us, even without realizing. 

 I feel myself inside a magical bubble that little by little is enlarging and arrive to you, and in someway you feel it too, and you sending me back throught our sweet electric shocks, and it’s so wonderful.
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs to don’t go crazy.
I feel your sweet embrace around my belly, and you are tightening me strong.

I’m thinking you, and  i know you are thinking me. and this is magical.
We are feeling that we are connected strongly, and this is making us going out of head, just a bit.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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