“For those who have” – ∟35∟

Would watch that corner of city from outside, it could seemed a quite night: who was sleeping in his office sitting on his big chair, leaving the couch to her beloved one, who was remained in the next local, to keep an eye his thoughtful friend and who had decide to sleep on that bench in front of that two places many frenquented in the lastest hours, but who  have would  seen that apparentely quite scene, have would missed maybe the only very important thing. 

Everybody in that small corner of the city, were dreaming the same thing: the first part of the plan that they had to, absolutely verify, and it was the lastest thing that you had wrote on that sheet of paper before to sleep.
Unconsciously, before or later close the eyes, everybody they have made themselves the same question:the dwarf what did think had Scott so precious? 
As soon wake, we in the office, have looked at each other, and without asking us what was happened, we  only nodded.
Rubbing my eyes and sweetly smiling to you, i went to the desk, where you taken again that sheet of paper where you had underlined three times that question that was hammering my head from when i have open the eyes, and when you have indicated it silently, i have stared at you wide eyes open, but your glance wasn’t surprised, on the contrary, you was looking at me as if you knew what was about to happen.

The first to knock our door have been Bench, and entering he haven’t even saluted us, but he exclaimed something that we already knew it, and you have beckoned him. I’ve suggested to get back in the local, and see what Benjamin and Scott had to say, but above all how was Scott.

We came out and the  sky above us was grey, and it seemed ready rain, but seemed us didn’t care. 
Bench seemd the more excited, and wanted expose his thought, but as soon went down the staircase and entered in the local we have seen the two occupants busy in something very important, but only few seconds later we had understood that Scott was in prey of  a sense of restlessness, and Benjamin was trying to calm him, but seemed that this time wasn’t able to. Scott had a big ax that seemed so small in his big hand, and he seemed want smash a part of the local, and he was continuing say: “I have to find what that dwarf is look for to set free Kitra!”

In a way or the other, we everybody were reached to that conclusion, but before that Scott had threw the ax against a wall of the local, i was able to stopped him, and i was able to take that dangerous weapon from his paws, and i have looked at him straight into his eyes, and whispering something that only him have heard, i was able to take his paws and bringing him to the table closer, and i having been able to make him sat.
With a quick glance i have asked to the others something from the counter, and been Benjamin to bring us drink.
Slowly i have seen Scott calming down.

That big grey creature only dressed with a black leather jacket without sleeves, have looked at me as if he had to apologize himself with me. I haven’t say nothing, just looking at him, then i have taken one of his paws, and i have realized that that creature was starting to shake from the bowels, and in that sweet glance i have could see something that it looked like gratitude. Sweetly i have smiled and delicately i caressed his big face where at end it was forming a kind of grin, and a sense of worry mixed with sorry was painting itself on his face, but after what i said, he threw away all the air from the lungs, and then i have looked at everybody asking who would have done that phone call. 

You have placed your hand on my shoulder and i turned, and i met your glance, you only have nodded, then Benjamin have showed you the phone, and from the pocket of your jeans you have pulled out that note with that phone number.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“Looking” – ∟34∟

“The phone” – ∟36∟⇒

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