“Looking” – ∟34∟

At Scott so thoughtful, we had left the local, questioning ourselves if we had to go or not, but there was still Benjamin with him and he have assured that he would be remained that evening with him. 
“We are in the office, call us if…”, he nodded thanking us, but in the his thin eyes we have could see that he was able to manage situation like this. 
In our deep we knew that he had faced up similar situations like that and at end he came out always winner.
Coming out we have looked Scott and have saluted him, but as before from his mouth have come out a grunt.

You have took my hand, and we went up the staircase to exit from that local.
The city was so silent: only latecomers were running through the street and in a blink they were vanished in the night.
We hadn’t to make too steps, so we have stopped ourselves to look that apparentely calm ambient around us, instead we knew that below that  that silence was hidden a big fear, and the more we were thinking about it, the more that sensation was enveloping us, and it was enough a quick glance, that you have whispered : “Let’s enter”, and as soon in, you have locked the door, then we have checked outside through the window, if  someone had chase us, but naturally, it was only fruit of our imagination, so you have closed even the shutters, and in that moment, we have realized that we were in that office that our Ogre had re-organized for us. 

We were a bit loss in that ambient: i reached the long white desk where were all the notes that he had taken during those two three days that he had worked hard, and there was still good evidenced that note of the City Hall. 
You was looking at me a bit distance, without say nothing, but when i have taken in hand that note, you have approached to me, and delicately have leaned it on the desk, and without make me say a word, you have beckon, and sweetly you have dragged me inside in the office, and have closed the door, leaving on porpouse turned on the light of the anteroom. 
You hadn’t turned on the big light of the room, and for a couple of seconds you have left me on threshold, and have turned on those small light above the sofa, and then you came back to me and with a soft tone of voice, have said: “Come with me”, and you have taken my hand, and then you have sat on the couch, while i was still standing in front of you, and when you have taken my hips our glances met. 

In that glance you have could see the only question that was running in my mind since when we had left Scott in that confusion state, and while gently you was making me sat on your knees, you was caress my face, moving away a lock of hair, and then when our foreheads touched, you have whispered: “Everything will go fine”, and while those words have wrapped me, i threw away all the air from the lungs, and softly caressing your face reaching your tiny mole, your lips laid themselves delicately on mine. Then you leaned on the backrest and you made me leaned my head on your chest.

I was tired: you have noticed it immediately: my breathe have became heavy in less of a couple of minutes, i fallen asleep and with a soft embrace, you have held me like this, as long you had have the certainty that i was sleeping profoundly, then with all the delicateness you have got up, and you have took the enormous blanket and with it you have covered me, staring at me for a couple of seconds, then you went to the desk, taking a sheet of paper, you have started put down a summarize of what we had hear in those hours, and you was looking for something that, maybe we hadn’t taken in consideration, and you was discarding each possibilties which we had talking about, and you have put down other points on which we had to work on. 

One on all, was: what the dwarf was look for, and why he was sure that had it Scott? But maybe, not even Scott knew to have it, and maybe it was something that that building was hiding…. whith that thought in mind, you have looked at me, and have take a look to the clock above the door, and yawning you have settled yourself better in that big chair, and finally, even you have closed the eyes.”


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