Feeling your

Embrace so all of sudden, has left me lack breath. Your sweet electric shocks have crossed my mind, and the soft punch in the stomach is grown fast.
I feel your arms around my belly and they are tightening me always stronger. 
If i close the eyes i can feel your chest against my back, and your hands, your fingers are caressing my skin throught the clothes. 

You turn me whispering my name, and our eyes meet. 
For a while our hearts stop, and just in that instants we fly inside Our Parallel World, inside that shack.
Some beautiful thoughts are running in my mind, while i feel your arms tightening me toward  you, and i can feel our hearts are beating like jackhammers.

I close the eyes and i can perceive your closeness in strong way. 
So all of a sudden, you have wrapped me, and i can only close the eyes, and another small electric shock is crossing my mind.

Tonight i wait for you. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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