“To the Scott” – ∟33∟

Local we didn’t know how long the leader of the group have would take time to get back, and first of allwe didn’t know if he was able to make himself in contact with Kitra or with our friend Ogre, but when someone have knocked three times to the shutter we have took a long breathe of relief, and without asking Scott who went to check the monitors, we everybody have stared the small door, and when we have heard the his grunts, we had the certainty that that Ogre had accomplished his duty.

Only when we have seen his big shadow filling the staircase we have smiled, and when we have seen him enter, only after that moment we have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Scott was still behind the counter and he was staring him at each step that Ogre was doing where were the others creatures. 

Scott seemed hypnotized by what he was looking at, he seemed he wanted go to meet that giant, but one force bigger than him have stopped him, but the Ogre have started to tell everybody how it went and when have heard the word “she”, Scott really slow have come to the group, and everybody have moved away making him space, and finally those glances were met, and the Ogre have only nodded give him a double pat on the shoulder. 

“Kitra is fine. She have immediately understand my scheme, and only at the second time i repeated what you had said me to say her, she have replied me: she is very smart!” 
In the eyes of Scott there was the only question that everybody wanted hear, and only after moment of loss, the Ogre have recomposed himself and he replied.
“I had not doubt that my big brother had put a mess like this, say him I love him, and  we will get back soon together.”

After a suspended moment i asked about our Ogre, and he nodded adding: “She said that the dwarf had taken the Ogre just when he was about to enter in the City Hall”, and everybody have sharing a quick glance. It was like the small creature said.
We have looked at each other a bit disiorented, but the time line was  right.
We didn’t know what he had in mind, but surely in that moment we could not thought about that, but only planning a plan, and even in hurry. We didn’t know what he would do, but above all we didn’t know if  Kitra and our Ogre have would still resist in that room.
But for that evening we have would could  do nothing more, even if we knew what were turning in each creature’s mind, and it would been a good plan, but we had to be careful, very careful, and above all discover that thing that the dwarf was thinking that Scott had of so precious. 

Scott was out of tone from when the Ogre had said him about his little sister, and none of us wanted leave the local. We were inside of a sort of bubble, alot of glances were directed to the map in front of us. 
Benjamin and Bench, seemed the only two creatures don’t touched byt that suspended atmosphere that was wrapping all everybody, and they made us jolted when one of their voices have entered breaking that silence, saying us: “We can’t do more now, and we everybody know that the next days will harder than this one. Everybody would have to rest. 
Same time same place tomorrow, ok?” and this was directed above all to the group of Ogres, and their lead have nodded, and one by one have left the local without be noticed, following the dark shadows of the street, and when even the last one of the group have entered in Ogre Street, Benjamin have been more quite.

We were remained only us, but the more we were looking at Scott, the more we were worry that he have would could do a madness, so we have thought to remain next to the local. We would be go in our office.
Even Bench and Benjamin, had noticed that empty glance in Scott face, and when they have calling him, he have replied with only a kind of grunt.
Bench was the only who have decided to leave the local but only out of it have seen that bench and have decided to sat there. 
From the day of Kitra kidnapping, he hadn’t seen his friend so shaked.

Knowing her in that precise drain channel, at anyone would wanted the desire to go out and smash everything, but that one it wasn’t the right evening.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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