When i seen

That band in your head, i was about to going crazy, but by now, too many things are bonding us in a strange way, and they are linking us even in the most intimate way possible. 
It will be even the weirdest way, but i’m sure that it’s the universe that have drawing something big for us. 
Then those answers you have gave… i’m sure, in someway you have thought a little of me when you have replied. 
I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs, thinking to all these little things, and summarizing them to all the others it’s can’t be only a case.

My head is exploding and everything is always turning around Our Parallel World: you so, in our magical shack.
It seems that that big force born five years is growing fast, and it wants make us understand that we are approaching  each other, making us understand that, even so dressed, we can find something that it will make us love even more, and in the simpliest way, and even the most beautiful, with all our defects.

Slowly Our Parallel World is the only place where we want stay, and to begin we want remain in our magical shack, even in silence, listening to our hearts beating unison.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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