“Kitra” – ∟32∟

From the day of her kidnapping had learnt many things, to escape, even only mentally, from his jailer, and she had learn to hear even the smallest noise outside from that room, and when she have hear the ogre in that solitary dark alley, she had immediately understand that the ogre wasn’t there only for the delicious fruits, but above all to searching for something else.

Usually the ogres when were in searching for those fruits, when they had found them, they picked up as much the could, then were went away, while this time that ogre was remained there, and she have remained astonished, above all when she have paid attention to the grunts of appreciation. 
She knew very well those grunts of appreciation, because even Scott was usual make them.

They weren’t Ogres at 100%, but in their childhood had passed much time with them, and they had absorbed alot of their way of do, and from when they had lost their parents, an Ogre family had adopted them, and from that day they have being part of the Ogres, and little by little they have learnt many from them, but despite they had learnt alot from them, they had even learnt, that when the Ogres had found what they were looking for, like those small fruits, the first thing was to don’t remain a long in the same place. 

Kitra was too smart for don’t understand that Scott had put up some team of searching. Following those sentences beteween those grunts, she have felt herself a bit better, and now was looking at that dwarf with a challenge glance, but she remained in silence when the white dressed dwarf approached to her.

He have looked at her without say nothing, but he have wanted approached  himself next to the grid, and he have looked at through the fan that was turning really slow, but enough to make enter a breeze and leave that place always fresh.
He got back in front of her and he exclaimed: “Those damned ogres and their fruits”, and he left her slamming the door. That evening the dwarf wouldn’t get back to check the main prisoner. He left her only a bottle with a water that not even a fly have would drink, but so as not to die of dehydration, Kitra had learn to drink it, and looking at the big fan through grid, she have whispered something to the other guest of that room, who had jolted when the dwarf have closed the door.  

He rubbed his eyes and he was looking for to get up to approach himself Kitra, but he was chained too, and those chains were just  long to take that bottle that dwarf had put in the middle of the room. 
Kitra have looked at his disgusted look, and immediately she knew what he wanted say, and she replied: “It’s enough two or three small sips, and keep it in mouth  as long the saliva is merge with it…” 
The Ogre was there from three four days, but he still hadn’t learnt, but he had learnt to decipher each fades of that sweet face, and in those gentle eyes there was somenthing that he hadn’t never seen. 

“What’s up?” he asked. She have smiled him. 
“I believe they have planned a plan to set us free…. I was able to communicate with an ogre here outside, and i believe that they have that planimetry…” Kitra  was looking at the Ogre thoughtful, and at end he said: “If i  having been not so foolish, now they would be not in that situation.”
“Not be mad at you! They have found us, and this is a great. Scott have let me know that they are studying  a plan, but it will take another still a couple of days, but now that they know where we are, they know how to act, so don’t be mad at you, we have to resist still for a while.” 

The Ogre was looking at her astonished for the great strenght she was able to unleash trough the slender and thin body, but in her black eyes he could see a light that could illuminate that room, and despite what she had face up to, she had still desire to win.
Looking at her straight into her eyes, the Ogre sighed: “You look like she: same will, same strenght”.

Kitra asking herself, who was the being the Ogre was talking about.
Then he started to tell her a story that it seemed a fairy tale.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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