“Decided” – ∟31∟

Who would have go, it would be the leader of the Ogres, we have looked at straight into his eyes and one by one,  we reccomended ourselves to him to have eyes, even behind his shoulders and to escape if he had felt the small sense of danger. He assured everybody, above all me, looking at me deeply, only nodding.
I have threw away all the air from the lungs, while he reaching the exit way of the local.
He gave a quick glance at everybody then he went away.

Then we got back to the table where was the map of the sewers of that city, and as if we had could follow him throught the planimetry, we have followed his steps following even the several stops that the traffic light was imposing.
And when Scott have said us that he was vanished even from the three monitors next to the counter, in those instants, something have strangling everybody, and knowing what was, i have looked at everybody in that local, and with a thread of voice i have said: “He will make it, don’t worry”, but immediately  after said it, i was look for you in searching for a confirmation of what i had said them, and you have softly nodded.
And now, for real we had only to wait.

The Ogre had passed the piazza to enter in the darkest part of the city to look for that small drain channel, from where he have could glimpse the only dry zone, and if he had enough lucky, even seen Kitra or his companion. 

That evening that corner of the city was silent enough, and the steps of the creature were resounding between the solid walls of those buildings, but were confusing themselves, even with the big drops that were falling through the gutters along the dark street. Only a street lamp with its orange light was penetrating with difficulty that alley, but it was enough for the big ogre to identified that dark drain channel, and start to verified if he could hear some familiar sound or hear the voice of that dwarf, and to start to grunt something that only Kitra have would could understand. 

That drain channel was one of the oldest and best hid of the city, but even the easiest to open, but for that moment the ogre haven’t wanted to force the events, but he have starts to grunt something that Kitra have would could decipher, and to don’t make suspect the jailer.
The dwarf knew the ogres weakness for those wild fruits that were growing along the streets, and he wasn’t worried when have listen the classic heavy step of those creatures, but  for his safety he was remain in silence and he was waiting for that big creature was gone.
He knew their joy when they were find the fruit, and the grunts were mixing with big sounds of appreciations, so he wasn’t worried when he have listened the Ogre talk with himself and his grunts were became so audible.  

But this time he would  have to pay attention, instead to lift up the glance and rolling the only eye, because beyond the appreciation grunts, the Ogre was saying something very important to the occupants of that only dry room of the drain channel. 

Exhausted, Kitra was sat on that chair, but still heedful to the noises of outside, and between those grunts, had captured some words that had intuited, but she wasn’t sure of what she had understand, but she wasnt’ worried, because the Ogre had adopted a valid system: as long he was there, searching for those delicious fruits, he have repeated the Scott phrase interspersed among grunt of appreciation, and  grunt by grunt, she had put in row that sentence and little by little that tiredness was vanished, and inside her, was reborn that hope that she was about to loose. 

To make the Ogre understand that she had comprehend what he had said, she have started to act the part of one creature in pain, but in reality in those moans of pain there was the same Ogre scheme: between one lament and another, she have comunicated with the Ogre who was in silence listening to what Kitra had to say.
And only at end, Kitra have asked to the Ogre if he had understand what she had said, asking to make fall something on the floor, having been in silence for long time, but she knew that he was still next that drain channel to listen, and only after seconds a stone seemed fall from that ruined building, and together to that dull sound a guttural sound has moved away, while the dwarf approached  to Kitra doubtful, looking for to understand what was going on.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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