“We everybody” – ∟30∟

Were looking at in silence that point circled in red on that map , and everybody in that big room, have hear the hearts of each creature that was beating hard, and if we were close the eyes, we have could even feel that bad smell that slowly was entering in ìnside the nostrils till arrive to the bowels, and many of us had closed them, but we have re opened them at the same time, questioning us if we had have an hallucination, or not.

Maybe it was our suggestiveness of that moment, but even us had felt it again, and for a long moment we remained speechleess but soon after the leader of the Ogres, have said, playing on it: “If he have that bad smell we can find him easily.”, but in his irony, we have could find alot scare, and laughing nervously we have could see it even in his glance, and was looking at one by one his companions, searching for someome who could reply, but this time, none of the present were inclined to joke, and it was Scott who broke that instant with a simple question: “So how we have to move?”and at end it was that question that everybody were thinking about.

None of the present had planned an attack plan: we had to know where and above all, in how many could enter in that drain channel, so we had to see it in person and calculate each little step we have would do once entered, and above all in next hours, we had to be careful to don’t make us notice from that dwarf. 
Established this,  we have decided to make the first move in the next hours, but  each one in different hours, and able to establish a contact with Kitra or the Ogre, and understand if they were in the same drain channel room.

Scott who have would preferred to go first, have left one of the Ogre go, pointing on fact that the Ogres were usually wandering in the city in searching for little fruits of which they were really gluttonous, and that they weren’t see any bordelines to take these small jewels, that were growing to the side of  the streets,  and the group of the ogres had nodded.
Then Scott have suggested a good point at our advantage. 

“We aren’t Ogres, but in our veins running something of your species. In our childhood we have learnt many things of your primordial language. Kitra knows distinguish many of your grunts…” and he left us intend what he would have say, and what he would have wanted suggest say to the Ogre who have would be go, and after a quick glance between their similar the Ogre leader have made himself ahead, asking Scott one phrase that she have would immediately understand, one phrase that only his brother have woud said her to make her feel  more quite. 

From that phrase Scott have told to the leader of that small group, we had understand that Scott and Kitra had spent much time of their childhood without their parent, and Scott for Kitra was both mother and father, and for each small thing Kitra always have counted on Scott. 

Only in those seconds, we had understand completely the really meaning of the bond between those two creatures, and we have comprehend totally what was in that glance of that enormous creature who have stared at us straight into our eyes. That tear that was falling from his grey face was tearing him apart. And only in those instants, we have could hear his interioral screams: “If happen something to her… I…” . 

We were always around that table, everybody were looking at the planimetry, staring only that part of the city, but only when Scott have looked at me i have sighed saying: “Don’t will happen nothing to her” and he looked at me surprised first, then as if he had understand that i could read his mind, he asked: “Promise?”
“I promise”, then he have looked at the Ogre and nodded. 
And with that beckon, we had given the way to the second part of the plan, and now the waiting was the most hard thing to exceed.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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