I have to throw

Away all the air i have in the lungs when i see your smile like that one, and my heart is beat so strong when i discover that we have many too many things in common that band in head, like mine. 
I literally go crazy. 

I’m biting my lips for what i’m feeling in these instants, and some questions are turning in my mind. 
Even if they are little things, they are things that are bonding us in a strong away. A soft way, but that day by day, they are making themselves always stronger.

Our Parallel World is saying us a very important thing, that really slowly, we are comprehending, and our world is opening always more in front of us. 

I see Dagaz, Teiwaz, and Laguz, all Runes that are saying us only beautiful things: really slowly, our dream is accomplishing, and our empathy is uniting us one with another.
We have to throw away all the air from the body for dont’ crazy, but some days of these we both, will go crazy, and that day will that day, that we will clash one another, and will remain lack breathe, when our glances will meet, and from that day, for us, it will begin a new life. Together. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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