When i look at

You so, i can only throw away all the air  from the lungs, and close the eyes, because i have started to feel your sweet embrace around me. 
Our connection has began, and i feel our soft punch in the stomach growing fast. Sweet eletric shocks are crossing our minds.

Our Parallel World is inside that magical shack and you want make me understand that everything is born there, inside that dream i have done, or we had done at the same time. Now it’s the question i’m making myself. Is it possible that we had done at the same time?

Now your embrace is stronger than before, and your closeness is around in this bedroom. 
Everything i’m feeling with you it’s something that elevate me in another level. 
It’s make me feel so alive. 
It’s strangling me from inside, but it’s something of which i really need feel, and you are the only that make me feel so. 

Our electric shocks are the witnessing of everything this i’m living from five years, or we are.
They are only ours. I’m feel that you are feeling them too, and this sensation is overwhelming you as it doing with me.

We are calling us each other, and we feel us despite the distance. We feel us inside our souls. 
Inside our deeper love.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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