“When from” – ∟29∟

Inside the local, you with the others have heard the three knocks, have jolted, and you had thought that was only me with Bench, and when Scott went to check the three monitors he have gave you the confirmation, you have made fall the red pencil you had in hand, and you went in front of the heavy door, already opened to be the first person that i would have meet when i would went down the staircase

Scott hadn’t the time to warn you that i wasn’t alone, and when you have heard several voices and some big laughs, you have looked at Scott who shrugged, and when you have seen me smiling, and laughing to some jokes of  one of the big Ogres behind me, you have only whispered my name. 
But when i, also have seen you, i stopped myself, and in those instants everything have vanished, and we both threw ourselves one in arms another, and the only thing that was counting was hear our hearts beating unison.
“Are you ok?” you asked me again, and this time i have could reply honestly. 

“Yes, i had need come out: i had to clearify my thoughts, and Bench have directed me to the right way. In Ogre Street we have met these mad, but valiant ogres and they have made me understand how much is important even the smallest life in this neighboorhood. I had really need hear a voice out of chorus, but now i’m back….” and i have left in suspended that sentence, looking at straight into your eyes, and caressing your face, and you have brought me to the table where the others had, already befriended with our friends, and they were  hearing what Benjamin and the others had planned till now.

You have took my hand, and with a simple glance, you have brought me to the counter, and there you have took me, and you have made me sit on one of the stool, and then you sat too. 
We have took a look to the table surrounded by those creatures who were talking on what it would be the first move to do. 
I was still looking at them, when you, sweetly have took my hand, and i slowly i turned, and for those endless seconds, you have looked at me so profoundly that i thought you could have see my hidden part of my soul, and without say nothing, you have said: “Everything will be ok!” You knew that in my deep i was feeling guilty for the Ogre vanishing, and then i threw away all the air from the lungs. “How we could have imagine that it would be happened?” you added, then in a sigh, i have said: “Maybe it had to happen… it was what the small creature in city hall had said me” giving you the answer that you was waiting since from the exit from that building. You have looked at me astonished, then you have took again both the hands, and looking at me straight into my eyes, you have said:”… and for lucky it has happened now!” and you have underlined the last word with such emphasis that you have made me opened the eyes, and a shiver crossed my back. 

I didn’t know for how long i stared you while a shy smile was being born on my face. Only in those seconds i’ve realized your words have gave me a further energy to go on in that searching. 
We looked at each other, and at end you have beckoned me a small smile.
Only when i went down from the stool, you have pulled me toward you, and only when you have tightened my hips, our foreheads touched, you have whispered: “For them you are the only salvation…and for me…”, you hadn’t ended that sentence that your lips accidentally, fallen on mine.

We were woke from that dream, from a common “We did it! We did it!”, and without say nothing, but only looking at each other languidly, we have smiled, and slow we have reached the group in front of that big planimetry, and with trembling voice Benjamin have said: “Thank to them” –  indicating the group of ogres – “most likely we have identified the ditch and the drain channel”, and all together have pointed a precise point in the middle of  that map. 
The ogre who leaded his group have added: “Luckily we know each corner of the city, and one by one we have discarded each manhole and ditch we know. Your friends have explained us what you have seen in that kind of premonition you had, and the only manhole with a drain channel like that one, it’s THIS!”
You was embracing my belly from behind, and i was leaning always more against you my back.
You  have perceived my great excitment, and you have heard my heart was beating hard.

Now everybody were looking at Scott who at his turn was looking at us, and without leave your hand, i have approached to him and i sighed: “You will see, we will find her soon”. and shyly he nodded, drying himself a small tear that was falling from his big grey face.”


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