“Came out”- ∟28∟

From the city hall, everybody us we stopped to the top of the small staircase of the building and everybody the creatures, including you, have looked at me with an unique and only question in mind. 
“And now?”and as if i had heard that question made in chorus, i have looked at one by one, i have replied in a sigh: “Let’s begin the manhunt” throwing away all the air from the lungs, starting to went down the staircase taking your hand in mine. 

We had to, only divide that planimetry in how many pieces? Four, five pieces? We still didn’t know. 
I had that big leather envelope in my hand, when we got back in the Scott local. 
It was how he had left it. All the red lights that were merging with the greenish, the counter full of glasses ready to be clean, and the only table well lit with that light that was drawing on it a strange circular drawning on. 
I placed the big document on it, and everybody together we have started to study it.

Immediately we had recognized the manhole of the piazza in front and we had marked it with a red pencil, and little by little, we have discarded all the manholes and the ditches that hadn’t a grid with a working fan, but ditches with working fan that city it was full. 

We were clashing against a rubber wall, but we didn’t wanted give up ourselves. Now our duty was became harder, but for sure we wanted go on. We had promise Scott that we have would find Kitra and now we had to find  the Ogre, and the more we went on, the more we realizing that, as much we commited ourselves, we had need of many else creatures. 
“We can’t do all this in onlyy six. There is in play the life of two creatures, and despite the Ogre is big, i don’t think that he may survive for long inside those drain channels.” i said staring the latest manhole on that map then i thrown a glance to you first then to the group of our friend who were starting to murmuring, sharing their thoughts, and without having doubts, the first who made himself ahead, has been Bench who have said:  “in Ogre street i know some of them that would everything for Ogre, and they don’t would leave one of their companion in hand of a crazy dwarf”, and with this he have looked at everybody, and he was about to leave, when i said him to wait for me. I would went with him.

You have looked at me lost, but you was understanding that i had to take a bit air, i was feeling a bit more responsable for Ogre, and you hadn’t to leave the others alone. You had to organize everything to the perfection, but for a couple of minutes you have left the others to assure yourself that was everything ok.
You have stopped, just behind one of the white concrete columns of that local, and in those seconds, it seemed that everything stopped, and your voice have wrapped me in a soft invisible embrace, asking: “Are you ok?”
I didn’t replied you; you knew well what was turning in my mind. I have, just looked at you, and i said: “I reccomend myself to you” and soflty i caressed your face reaching your tiny mole, and you have hold my hand, till i moved away, following Bench, who have waited for me to the threshold.

I was walking up the staircase, but i knew you have wanted see me  as long my shadow was vanished.
When i have reached the sidewalk with Bench we stopped for a while, as if we didn’ know where to go, and in those instants i took a long breathe, then i have looked at Bench and i have nodded, and  we have crossed the piazza and we slipped in Ogre Street, where that pungent smell, now, seemed no longer esixt. 

In that street the news were running faster than a running train, and the vanishing of Ogre was on the mouth of everybody, and when one of the biggest one have seen me next Bench, have stopped me asking if we had news about Ogre, but when i beckoned a soft no, there i had have really fear that someone of those big ogres could be revolt against me, but i remained without breathe, when that enormous beast asked me: “What we can do for you?” all the others were got reunited around us, and they have started to nodding.
I never figured at  alot collaboration, but as Bench told me before enter in that street: “They can appear wild, bad, but when it’s need help someone they can even break the world” and they had as soon showed it.


With a bit fear i have started to illustrate them a draft of a plan. Plan that seemed work, but it was miss of a nevragical point: looking for that drain channel it wasn’t enough for the ogre who seemed one of the leader of Ogre Street, and immediately he have suggested to enter in the sewers in mass and block each escape way.
It was a drastic plan, but at end, it was what we had to do, if we hadn’t find the exact manhole from which enter. 
I have smiled him, and now that i was feeling more comfy between them, i have thought that  it was time to act, so i invinted a bunch of them to come with me to the Scott’s local to planning better what we have would do in the next hours.

From the local of Scott i was came out very sad and guilt, now i was get back there full of  hope and wish to win.”


Listen to it


⇐“Delicately” – ∟27∟

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