When i

Have opened the eyes, already i was feel your arms around my belly tightening to you. 

It’s from i woke, or even before, i felt your closeness. My heart is beating like a crazy

Something is telling me you have read that phrase that i sent you, and maybe you have flushed and that’s why you have decided to don’t…and you have preferred to make this reading, already recorded.

My heart is beating like a crazy, and the sound of your voice is taking me inside Our Parallel World, inside that magical shack. and my trembling is starting to shake my body. 

When i felt your embrace around my belly in bed, i have thought that it was from long time that i didn’t feeling it, and still i feeling it. 
It’s like be in a magical bubble. Our magical bubble, where our emotions get amplify themselves and we can see them around us.

Our soft punch in the stomach is there, it’s tightening us always more, and the only thing we can do is throwing away all the air we have in body, and let’s try to think to other things, but it’s impossible.
Our minds are taking us one close another, and that sweet embrace we can feel it make itself stronger, and it’s enough look at straight into your eyes to know that in your glance there is that magical place in our souls. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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