“Delicately” – ∟27∟

You was embracing me strong, looking for sweeping away all those thoughts that were crowding my mind, and with a gentle: “Shhh” you have moved me from your chest, and our eyes met while a tear got wet my face. 
The window was still open and the soft buzz of the creatures were entering in that office, now with something it was empting our hearts.

Unconsciously we were filling our lungs searching for that smell that the only two creatures who we had interrogated, had perfectly described, and in our mind, we were looking for to remember it. 
But the only pungent smell that we could feel was that on of Ogre street, and it was distant from where we were, and only if we were focused on it, we were able to perceive it.

You was still embracing me, and your words were looking for to encourage me to don’t give up, on the contrary, you was ready to back in street, even without that planimetry, and to discover each manhole of that city, if it was necessary. 
Your arms were tightening me strong, and my hands were both on your chest. I could perceive your heart get slow down, and just when you have ended to say what you would have do, i lifted my glance straight into your, and i whispered: “Let’s go, us to the City Hall. Let’s stop with the interrogations:  with few clues we have understood how the thing went. Now it a reall a Manhunt, and there is not time to waste. We have to go to the city hall, Immediately!”

We hadn’t realized that in meanwhile, in the anteroom were entered Benjamin, Bench, Scott and Wally, and Benjamin had glimpsed us in the room where he had heard our voices, and he was waiting for us. 
Even if, it wasn’t necessary, from the desk, you have taken the drawing  of that dwarf and you have folded it in you jeans pocket, and with a quick glance you have looked at everybody first then  you have stretched your hand toward mine, and i’ve taken it, and in hurry we have left that office with everybody else lack words, leaving them intuing where we would to go, but when  i have could given them a quick glance, i have screamed only: “City Hall” and  then they have followed us fom far.

The City hall, as much it was a small building, it was presenting itself, as one of the most imponent building of the city, and for us has been easy find it.
We entered in and only one small creature have welcomed us, but when it have seen our friends behind us, his relaxed glance it has transformed in a panicked one. 

He had to be the guardian and the factotum of that building: his rounded eyes didn’t know where looking at, and we could have see him that was entered in hyperventilation: his small grey body was a small ball and it was enlarging and it was tightening quick, and he had a kind of  antennas over his rounded head, and they were turning like a crazy, looking for to have everything under control, but as much we have understand, that small creature was in panic, already when someone else creature had to go there.

He made me so much tenderness, and i thought that it was better that was only one person to talk to him, and i have made everybody understand that i would have wanted talk to him, and you with the group, have moved away. 
While that sweet creature was checking where you have would go, started to make him focus on me with the simpliest compliments, looking to get calm him, and that way of approachment seemed work, and when i made him the only question that i wanted do since the begin, his lost and worried glance, have changed, and his eyes have started to bright, and from his small and puffy body were came out two small paws and with one of them he have looked for to take my hand, but he was capable to take only my pinky, and he brought me tlward the giant desk  where he was usually stay, and he made me noticed that note that he had wrote: “Planimetry for Ogre” and Ogre was underlined many times with the last lines trembling, to underline that only in those instants he had comprehended who would had to come. 
“He, even had called for confirm, and i had prepared all the envelope for when he would had to come…” and he indicated the big leather envelope on  his desk, and with a sweet glance, he gave it to me.
“I guess it was for you, right?” he asked and i nodded, as if the guilt was mine.

The small grey small creature jumped on the desk and he approached to me, and with those tiny paws, he caressed me and after a deep glance straight into my mine, he said: “Maybe it had to happened, maybe it was drawn in the universe… but i’m sure that you will find Kitra and your friend Ogre… you are good beings”.
And with those sentences he got back on that big stool on which he sat, and he have looked at us go away.
With those words in mind, i have reached you, and we have left the City Hall.
I threw away the air from the lungs tightening your hands, and you have looked at me asking yourself what we have talked about.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


“I’ve accompanied” – ∟26∟

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