“I’ve accompanied” – ∟26∟

The femine creature to the exit door and i have saluted her closing the glass door, and going back in the office i have gave a glimpse to the empty desk in front to our door, a bit doubtful.
Got back in the office i seen you that was giving a look to the last notes i had taken.
I have closed the door, and remained to the threshold, and slowly i took a long breathe. I knew that you have would lifted the face in few seconds, and it’s been so, and our glances met.

You  was about to say something about the interrogation, but have noticed my worry face, and getting up, you came toward me and you have said: “What’s up? What’s wrong?”,  i only have looked at you, and i i have opened again the door, and in a sigh, i said: “The Ogre hasn’t come back…” and in my mind were running a lot of answers, but the more answers i gave me, the more questions arriving. You have wanted to tranquilize me, with simple phrases, but even you, the more you was trying to get calm me, the more you realizing that the city hall, as much important it was, that building, it couldn’t be so big, so much to get lost inside, and even you have concluded that something strange it had to be happened. 
“I’m sure that he had calculated each seconds, to return in the office for the next appointment…” and i  went to the desk where a big planner was on the desk, and i checked when the next creature would be arrived. 

The Ogre had scheduled each appointment one hour and a half apart: perfect timing, and we were knowing him a little better, we knew he would calculate every second, and open the door and announce the next appointment bring us those documents. 
Instead of him, none track. Maybe our worry was a little amplified by the kidnapping of Kitra and all the rest. but even in eyes was painting a bit tension. Tension that you wanted hid, but with me it was hard. 
Those thoughts that were hammering my mind first,  slowly had started to knock your head, and withouth thinking much, you said me that you would go to Scott to see if he was passed there first before to get back in the office, and you have asked me to remain there in case he was got back. 

Despite the local was next the office, and i have could see you through the big window, those seconds wer became minutes of an intolerable heaviness. The sunlight was entering and that beams against the white floor were really hard to support. For a bit i have sit on the long yellowish couch along the window, but the waiting without do nothing, was still more unsustainable, so i went to the desk of the Ogre, amd i’ve checked everything on it. 
There was that memo: “Go to the city hall” and he had marked the hour underlined it twice. And that hour was exceeded, and another creature was about to stop in front of that big window, and after seconds later that door with the simpliest way of alarm, have made me jolted, while i was still checking every small thing on that desk. It was the next  appointment… but what i have would could say to apologize me? 

Say him that the big Ogre was vanished it have would put him in panic, and it was the latest thing i have would wanted do. In those fragment of seconds, the only thing to do was to invited him in the office, and make him those few questions that already we had done with the previous creatures.
He seemed a bit disoriented, and he was looking at himself backward, because the telephone had started to ringing, and nobody was in the anteroom to take the phone call. 
I was just settled on the big chair, and i was taking the only sheet of paper, and i was about to start the interrogation, when i heard the little bell on the main entrance and your voice that was calling me. 

My heart didn’t have stopped to beat like a crazy since when you have left the office, but when you were returned it seemed that it could splashing out from my  chest, and when you entered in the room our eyes met and only with that glance, you have made me understand that the Ogre wasn’t neither passed from Scott and to the city hall, didn’t have passed anybody for weeks
I left fall the sheet of paper on the desk and i have leaned myself on the backrest of the big chair covering my mouth my both hands , and my eyes were remained stare at your. 

The creature in front of me have looked at us, and he have understood that the interrogation wouldn’t have continued, and without furthely disturb, he got up, and in a sigh he sighed: “Maybe it’s better i will pass another day”. 
We hadn’t replied him, and he went away closing the door behind. 
Only when we were sure we alone, you approached to me, and you have embraced me tightened to you.”



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⇐“Got back” – ∟25∟

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