I’m throwing away

The air from the lungs, and it has began our connection. 19&19. 

I’m feeling your arms around my belly and your voice is delicately wrapping me, while you are turn me and our glances met. I missed you last night. I rewatched the first seconds, and what i felt i wrote you in  my umpteenth message.

Something say me that you have read and you have felt the same emotions i have felt.
Our soft punch in the stomach is growing always more, and your arms around my belly are making themselves stronger. 

Despite our damned distance, we feel Our Parallel World always closer. 
And you so, you make me feel so confused. 

You seem that you want make dance our slow dance no longer in our apartment, but in that magical shack.
You stretch your arms, and you lift me up and when our glances meet, your arms are tightening my hips closer to you, and my hands sliding in that blue pajama shirt, already unfastened, as i love it, and i soft touch your bare chest, almost flushing. 

Your sweet words: “Don’t do it… i did it for you”, and all of sudden, our eyes meet again, and slowly you approach to me, and your lips kiss mine, while our slow dance take us inside its slow twirl full of sweet emotions.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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