And today our connection it got itself stronger.
Reading those few lines i have understand that we something more in common. More  than a inexplicable thread that it wants us united, despite our damned distance, but something that unite our soul in a vortex of calmness that only our Parallel World can give us. 

I have understand that you are on the same lane of my way of thinking, to live the life, and as me you love comtemplate, looking at yourself around, and let the the answers come to you without that the questions comes out from you. 

I’m entering always more in your way of thinking, and the more i think about it, the more i throw away the air from the lungs, ’cause we are so similar.
In those blue eyes i can see your soul, and now that i have opened another door of that Our Parallel World, i can feel that rope that sweetly is tightening us always more one another. 

I can feel your hands tightening my belly against your back, and your voice is wrapping me sweetly, and delicately is taking us inside our shack. That magical shack from where has began everything.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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