“Got back” – ∟25∟

In street  we stopped ourselves for a while. The sun was so blindling that we have had covered our eyes with the hands to don’t clash with the many creatures that  were crosing the piazza chatting between them.
We stopped ourselves to look at them, asking ourselves if we were would able to solve that matter. 
Your hand was tightening mine so strong, while we were doing those few steps to reach that office to receive other creatures.

When we have opened the door, and to the desk of the anteroom we have seen the giant Ogre who was answering to a phone call and with his profound voice, was taking another appointment for that afternoon. 
“Three o’ clock is it ok for you? …Ok, see you later” and he hanged the telephone handset, and he have smiled us. 
We didn’t remained surprised about that. We have smiled him back, and in silence we entered in the office.
To the big desk there were already two steaming cup of coffee, and the agenda of the day: who we had to meet that day. 

We had thought that despite, his big size and measure to the Ogre did like so much do the that kind of job, or that he have already did for Wally. We didn’t know what was the right anwser, but for what we had could seen, it was perfect job. We hadn’t ask nothing that was everything scheduled perfectly.

We have had, even the time to taste the coffee with all the calm, and the right time to organize ourselves, and only after ten minutes where we had empitied our minds from that conversation we had at the Scott local, the intercom on the big desk have made us jolted, and it made us get back in the present. 

You have smiled me, and you went to the desk and have pressed the only grey botton on that small box, and after a couple of  creaking, the voice of the Ogre has came out: “It’s arrived the first appointment of the day! Can i let her enter?” You was hearing those simple words put in row, while you was looking at me, then you have replied:” Yes, thank”. And in those few instants we have looked at us, and unison we have threw away the air from the lungs, thinking that it would  an easy day like that as soon passed. 
We had only to make questions and listen to what creatures had to say us, and amplify the informations that, already we had, and like a puzzle put in the right place each new information. 

When the door was opened we have welcomed the femine creature then we presenting us first, then we have made her sit on the chair in front of the desk, and like the prevoius one, you placed yourself in front of her sitting on the Wally’ chair and me on the couch with the bloc not in hand, ready to write each thing i thought very important.
Then, the intercom have rang again. You have pushed that grey small botton and the Ogre said: “I go to the city hall for those documents, the telephone wouldn’t have to ring, i hope to get back soon” 
He haven’t waited for you anwswer, and he closed the intercom, making us jolting: the creaks were resounded in the room like a thunder. 
The femine creature have attended that scene with wide eyes open, looking at you, searching for some reassuring words, and with your soft tone voice and with a sweet smile, you have said: “We should to adjust it, don’t you think?”   And shyly she have smiled you back.

Then you have started to make her some simple questions and she have begin to tell her version, and she was the second who was saying us about that smell. She said: ” It has entered, all of sudden, i thought it was my oven, but that evening i didn’t have use it, and when i opened the window that smell has strangled me, and i immediately close it again. I was at home: i never come out i prefer stay where i feel comfy, but when i have open the window i heard someone who seemd to quarrel and only the day after i have discovered that that poor little one  was vanish, but from that day  i enclosed myself at home. I’ve decided to come here only when i seen the fly creature of the city patrol warning the inhabitants with his silent display.”

And only after those her words, we have shared a quick glance, then you said her: “We thank you to have decided to have came here. With this your deposition we have added an important piece of the puzzle”. 
With her delicate way of do, she have looked at me first smiling, then she got up and  stretched her hand toward your, and at end she said: “If i remember something else i will call the office and i will take another appointment”. 
I have accompanied her to the door, checking if the Ogre was  comeback, but he wasn’t. 
I saluted her and i closed the entrance door, while my heart was starting to beat hard.

Something inside me it was saying me that it have happened something.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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