“Only few glances” – ∟24∟

We have realized  what we had discovered in dream, it was a very important thing to say above all to those only creatures of which we could  really trust in.
We have left the office, and we directed ourselves to Scott club. We knoked three times and we haven’t wait that he came. He have only opened the shutter and we went down through the staircase: the small but heavy door was already open. 

The local hosted only few other creatures, among Benjamin, the Ogre, Bench and Wally. 
The Ogre have smiled us and we thanked for the gesture of the blanket, and Scott behind the counter ask us if we wanted something. 
“Whatever is fine thank you Scott” you said, holding my hand accompanining me toward the only table of the big room well lit. And when Scott have brought us a sort of breakfast, you stopped him and i have beckoned the others to approach us. 

“We have something important to say you” i whispered, looking at one by one the creature who have shared a curious gaze between them. 
I have invited Scott to sit  with us, and you have pulled out from the pocket of your jeans the drawing of Bench. It was, already creased, as much we have held it in hand to study it in each its particular, and when you have put it on the table, i tried to smooth it, as much i could. But now it wasn’t important if it was smoothed it or not. 
In that  gesture, we both were looking  for the simpliest way to say that we had seen Kitra, and the dwarf was that one that Bench had perfectly drawn in that sketch, that nervously i tried to make it new. 
But without delay the waiting, you have said: “Kitra is jailed under one of the many sewers of this city by this dwarf. She is alive!”
When you have said the last phrase, Scott’s glance changed, and one second later, he looked at us astonished,and from his big mouth were came out words without sense between the questions: “How?… What?..Where..? “

Even the others remained lack of word, and in their big eyes there were the same questions that were pressing in our minds, and only after that Scott seemed got calm down, you have started to explain everything with extremely calm, what they wanted to hear. 

Without make me notice, i got up and i beckon Benjamin to help me: i went behind the counter and i have took a couple of glasses, asking Benjamin what it was the  best drink for these occasions, and he indicated a long bottle on the glass display behind the counter, and with some difficulties i have taken it. We got back with that tray, in the exact moment you have ended to say everything, but you had left the most important part last.

I was remained in silence to the counter, and in the local it was hearing only your relaxing voice, so Benjamin have could hear the whole story, so when we got back he hadn’t miss himself nothing. 
You have waited for that i had poured that drink in their glasses and even us we have taken a pause, and after everybody had drink some sips, we thrown between us a glance, and with wide eyes, i soft beckon.

I sat next to you, and we tightened us our hands under table. I knew that you had to ask them that question. The only very important question of all that matter. 
I have looked at you and together we have threw away all the air from the lungs, when Bejamin asked us: “What’s up?” For a while we had thought something was strangling us, but it was only for a short moment.
When you have tightened the hand stronger, that question has came out form your mouth, and those words have floated in the air before that someone taken again to breath.

That dwarf, absolutely wanted something that Scott had. But what? In a first moment Scott seemed lost: he seemed that he didn’t knew what he was talking about. He was thinking exclusively to Kitra, then to what the dwarf  was claiming wanted to have.
We waited for a while. 
The Scott face have became thoughtful, he had only that local but it hadn’t nothing special, nothing that could worth a life of a creature like her sister.
Eventually he said: “Maybe he is only a crazy…now we have to find him and set free my Kitra”. 

Said that, we ended that likely Scott had right, but you have said: “Today we will continue the interrogations, maybe someone else will give us some other informations. We have would need of a planimetry of the city. 
We are sure that dwarf is hiding here below.”
The ogre have offered himself to go to the city hall to get us those documents. 
We have thanked him, and while we were about to leave we have said Scott that we have would find her. 

Went up the staircase we have held back the breath, looking at each other.”



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