“When the ogre” – ∟23∟

Didn’t have felt no longer any buzz from the office, have knocked the door, once… twice, but nobody have replied him, really slow, he have opened the glass door, and when he have seen us, on the couch embraced one another, sleeping, with still the bloc note on our knees: he  have smiled, and from the only cupboard in the office, have pulled out a enormous blanket and he have covered us, turning off the light above the couch, but turning on that on the desk, and closing the door he whispered: “Thank you”, and so he left that office that in the next days it would host all the creatures of the neighborhood. For safety, he left us a note.

Unconsciously, all those informations, were still circulating in our minds, and slowly they were transformating in dream.
As ethereal beings we have exceeded all the sewers of the city, following a voice, a maligne voice who was threaned another creature, and to the end of that long ditch, we were fallen into the only dry part of it. 
Scared, we have could see perfectly the creature of the Bench’ sketch who was walking around a simple chair where was sat presumably Kitra. We could only see her back with her long black hair. 

After having examinated that ambient, we got back to see that creature. He looked like a white dressed dwarf, with  red straight long hair that were covering half face and the only visible eye, seemed could splash out in any moment, his way of speaking was blurred, and only few instants after that we were staring at him, we have realized of that smell that the long worm had perfectly described in his declaration few hours ago.
The worm had right was bitter more than that one in Ogre Street, and it was entering in the nostrils and it was shake the bowels. 

We were able to went down from that drain channel.
Behind the white dressed dwarf there was a big grid with a working fan, a from that it was entereing a soft blue light, and it was creating and further dread atmosphere, but the chair was in the centre was illuminated by the light that was entering inside, from a manhole placed above.
Slowly we were able to see the Scott’ sister face. She didn’t took off her eyes from that dwarf, scaring that he could get hurt her. On her skinny face we have could see some small wounds, and only after noticed them, i  examined more deeply the dwarf figure. Beyond that evilnish gaze, in his hand, he had a thin stick that he was using like whip, and he was beating it against his palm, and he was wait for use it each time Kitra wrong answer.

It looked like the dwarf was looking for information about something Scott had or someone close to him, but despite we were inside that hole, the dwarf’s words were incomprehensible, and  our hearts were beating so fast, and our sleep have became lighter, and our consciousness was about to woke.
We had seen enough but we wanted listen to more and understand what he was looking for, and in someway warn Kitra, but despite our magic, we weren’t able to do more.

We have opened the eyes looking at us, with lack breath, as if we had ran miles and miles, and just only after shared another quick glance, we have realized that we had slept in the office, and most likely has been the Ogre to covered us with that enormous blanket. Blanket that belonged to Wally.
By now, it was obvious that we had dreamt the same things, and without waste time, we have put down another notes, and above all new direct questions.  
We had taken again the Bench’ sketch and we remained lack breathe for the precision of the drawing. 
You have just added a note about his voice. I have looking at you, then you have gave me the sheet of paper and in silence, i have looked that drawing, and slowly it got back in mind that bad smell. 
And only after placed it on that worn couch, got up and i have lifted up the shutter and open the window behind the big desk. 

On the street we had recognized some faces that we had seen the previous evening in the anteroom of our office. 
They have smiled us.”


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