Our connection is strong. I can feel our soft punch in the stomach make itself delicate. 

It were days that i didn’t feel me like this. 
Our minds are connected. I can feel you hands are tightening me strong my belly from behind. 

I close the eyes, and i throw away all the air i have in body.

I’m sure you have read my message one hour before your video: you haven’t preferred to read that book i’ve suggested you, but however you have preferred read a poem anyway. 

You have made beat the heart so strong.
I’m biting my lips, and now i’m feeling you strongly. 

If i close the eyes, i can feel your perfume around me, and our soft electric shocks are crossing our minds fast. 
I’m not going crazy, by now i know what has happened five years ago is a kind a wonderful magic. 
Everything is so connected between us. 

It’s enough  throw away all the air from our bodies, and when we feel those sweet eletric shocks, we are that are communicating. 
And maybe our way to communicate is one of the magical.

Maybe, for real, Our Parallel World has born from that dream, and when i feel your arms around my belly, it’s your desire to let me know that, in someways, you have accomplished, one of my wishes. 
I’m thinking of you, and you know it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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