“The creature” – ∟22∟

That Ogre had make enter was one of the youngest of the city: he was totally different form the first one. 
He looked like a brownish worm: and he was so thin and very tall.
To exceed the threshold in our office, he have to bended himself, and when he entered he have looked at around a bit scared, but decise to make his part. 
It seemed he already been there, and his eyes seemed looking for something for him familiar, but what he was looking for seemed vanished. Or it was only our impression? 

We knew how to behave with never seen creatures: they had  to feel comfy first, so we have left him wander in that big office as long he have seen the chair in front of the desk, and with with scared glance, asked you the permission to sit. With a gentle: “Please…” you have nodded. 

To cover his thin slimy body, he wore the only clothe that the youngest creatures wearing: a black leather jacket, with some pins and chains on. As a typical worm, he hadn’t a neck shoulders, hips. No, his body was all one from his bald head to his feets, and those eyes were staring at us. 

We have shared a quick glance, and you have took that sheet of paper in front of you, and after have looked at him, you have said: ” I will make only few questions, and you can take all the time you need to answer: everybody here we want find Kitra as soon possible, we need all the particulars you can rembember of that night. Ok?” He have looked more scared than before, but when you have made the first questions: “Tell me of that night, where you was? Have you seen something or someone that you had never seen?”, it seemed that you had opened him the street of remember, from  how he was talking about it, seemed that he had as soon lived it. He have remember even that evening in the air there was a strange smell never felt before. We remained astonished. I leaned the bloc note on my knees, looking at you, and with a unnoticeable nod, you left me make a question.
“What kind of smell? Like that one in Ogre Street?” 

The long brownish worm have taken a look at you first, then he turned toward me, and he replied: “No, it was more bitter, then it was only for few minutes. I remember it well because i know what you mean. The smell in Ogre Street, it’s a smell that at end you get used it, and almost you notice it no longer. No this one has been like a speedy car that leave its smog tracks, and here cars we don’t use them. It has entered in my nose, and it has gone away after few minutes later, but have left me a sense of disgust for hours. I had to go out to take a fresh air, and only after i noticed that something wrong have happened. That evening, Kitra had to meet one of her friend, but she never met her. Only after a little, her friend has went to Scott, and from that moment, Kitra has officially vanishing. 
Where i live, i have heard that quarrel between them, but i didn’t know they were Scott and Kitra. 
In this silent city it’s very easy to listen each small thing. But what it have impressed me, it wasn’t that quarrel, but that smell very different from those we get used to. And i felt it only that evening…” He ended looking at us both deeply. 

Even you this time, you was taking the latest notes, underlining many times the fact of that different smell, and surely it was bonded to the creature of which we had the sketch on the desk. 
That second interrogation has been very full of information, and now, seriously we could say that we had some clues work on. 

Our chat with that thin brownish worm, has been longer than we could expected, and when we have accompanied him to the exit, we have noticed that Ogre with the help of Bench was organizing a sort of agenda and he  was outlining a sort of timetable in base of the first creatures who have presented in front of that door. 
And only when we have share a quick glance with Ogre, he immediately understood that for that day we had collected some of the most important informations of which we had need, and now we had only to collect our thoughts and reflect on them. But before to send everybody away, you placed on the desk of the anteroom, and catching the attention of everybody, you have ask one simple question: “The evening of Kitra vanishing, someone else remember a pugent smell different than Ogre Street? It’s very important. We see you tomorrow!”
And then you went down, looking at Ogre, who slowly was sending away all those creatures.

We enclosed ourselves in the office: for a long moment we embraced each other. We wanted check the last informations, but without realizing we fallen asleep”


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