“We remained” – ∟21∟

Speechless for what we were seeing, and we didn’t know what we could do. We remained dazed, so the Ogre, with Bench at his follow, have dragged us in that empty office, and they have make us sit on the Wally big chair, and in strange way of do, he have settled us at best our clothes, and at, looking at us, he have whispered: “Today is went so, but for tomorrow i will look for  some good clothes”.

We looked at us, still with wide eyes open, almost thrown into a reality that it didn’t belonged to us, and the clothes we had on were the same of the last evening. 

Bench have put in front of us his sketch with one of the remaining bloc note of Wally, already with some questions that he have would ask, but that he never been able to ask, but we were in a total confusion that we haven’t understood what it was happened, and we were looking Ogre with a foolish face that he have started to laugh, and as much softly he was laughing, all the room have started to shake.

Delicately he have given us some slap on our faces and he started to explain, checking that Bench had left the room.
“The way of speaking of Bench, last evening, have shocked most of inhabitants. He have opened their conscious, and seeing a big beast like Scott crying, have moved even the hardest heart. We have heard it when we have dragged you inside, and even for them it was one of the very first time that they have heard Bench talking, and it thank to you. So guys, now it’s your turn.”
As much it was a grimace, the Ogre was smiling, adjusting us those clothes too crumpled.
He moved away from us, he given us a last glimpse, and then he approached again and giving us a last pat on our shoulders, he said: “We go on stage!” and he closed the door behind, and so he left us alone. 
We were still sit on that big chair. We still hadn’t pronnounce a words. 

In mind we had milion of questions, but those that we thought were the most important, were those we had written in a small sheet of paper, one of the very first days we had met our friends and they had told us everything. 
That small sheet of paper was in your jeans pocket, and only when we have realized that anteroom was filling itself by a bunch of creatures who were waiting for to enter, we have taken a glimpse to those few questions, and we have throw away the air from the lungs, and only when our friend Ogre have opened again the door, have asked us if he have could make enter the first client, we have shared a quick gaze and we have nodded.

From the stranges grimaces that the Ogre was doing, only after few seconds later, we have understood that she was about one of the hard core of the city, and he have closed the door, throwing us a “Good lucky” glance.
From her cane, and aspect, we had deduced that she was one of oldest creature of that city.
She entered, already talking, and she came next to the big desk, brandishing her cane, as if she wanted threatened us if we hadn’t make a good job with this investigation. I have looked at you with wide eyes open, you have said: “We have, already good proofs we can work on”, lying shamelessly.

Gently i have invited her to sit on the chair in front of that desk, already big for us, and for her had to be an insurmountable mountain
She wore glasses with the lens very thick, and she was moving with some trembles, but despite her old age, she was very lucid, and make her those questions it was easier than we could imagine. 
It was you that was making the question, i have settled on the couch leaned to the right wall and i was taking notes about what she was telling us.
Then having ended replied, to those question of that small sheet of paper, i helped her to got up and i accompanied her to the exit door, and i closed it behind me, but from the anteroom we have could hear other creatures that wanted say their own point of view.

In those seconds, we wanted only take a break from this first experience, and reading what i had wrote.
Passed five minutes the Ogre have knocked once again and he asked us if he could make enter another one.
We have nodded and another creature entered.”


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