“After those” – ∟20∟

Words of Bench everybody have shared a quick glance one with another, and that murmuring that was lifting before, it was disincreasing really fast, and gazes were more opened to a meeting with those beings, even if some of them were still doubtful. 
But as Scott told us there were still creatures with a mental closer, even before that all that matter came out, but they were really few: we could count them on our fingers, and we seeing them leaving the club, we had reply him: “Don’t worry, as much we know we knew some people more hard-of-mind than them.”

Slowly the local was emptying, while the leader of the city patrol has remained a bit more with us, to sure that everybody had left the local. 
Despite we hadn’t said a words, we had felt the all the stress of that meeting, and now the only thing we wanted to do was return in that apartment that it looked like our, and with one of the sketch of Bench in hand we had saluted everybody whose were remained there.

The Ogre and Bench was waiting for us outside, and without commenting the evening as soon passed, we got back in that dark alley, and as soon entered in that aparment, seemed us, the creatures: we have grunting to our guests who have immediately understood that those grunts wanted mean: “Arranging yourself”, and Bench have replied us with another grunts. 

Even though we were confused, tired, without thinking, you have taken me in your arms, and together we went upstairs. Million thoughts were filling our minds, and each one of us knew what the other was thinking about.
And only one question has came out from my mouth.
“How we will face tomorrow?” Then i threw away all the air i had body, while you hand was caressing my face, and you have replied only with a simple sweet glance, while you was approaching to me, and when our foreheads have touched, you have whispered: “It will go everything ok”, and delicately your lips leaned on mine, and giving me that kiss all my doubts gone. 

We had need to set free the mind from all those words that we had listened to the reunion, and stay a bit alone with our emotions, with that one we were feeling one for another, and maybe pretend that all this was only a dream, and  fallen us asleep one embraced one another, and what it would happened the next day would be given to the case.
Now we had need to close the eyes and think only to us.
But the only moment of tenderness has been that kiss, because after we have leaned in bed, immediately we fallen in the Morpheus’ arms, and we didn’t think what it would be happened the next morning.

When we have opened the eyes hours after, we have believed that everything was passed, but the Ogre voice downstairs have taken us to the harsh reality, and we shared us a quick glance, and it seems that there was something else that it waiting for us. 

The Ogre seemed excited, and Bench was trying to hold his happiness. They been woken by an usual buzz that was came from the begin of the piazza. 
Buzzing of a furious walk of many creatures, that seemed didn’t respect not even the only traffic light of that piazza. 
They seemed going in one only direction, and that traffic jam buzz have arrived till the end of that dark and silent alley.
The Ogre and Bench, wanted warned us, but they didn’t have noticed our approachment to the big and only one window of the apartment, and when you have asked the “What’s happening” they both jolted, but immediatyely after they have smiled us, and without say nothing they have dragged us outside the apartment, and they have brought  us inside the local of Scott through the small alley next the building, and hiding us, we were able to exceeded that crowd that wanted take an appointment with us.
It seemed that there was no need no longer knock door by door to get informations about that creature or the last time Kitra has been seen. 

We had to only wait for  that someone knocked to our door. 
From that day on we had would to be more punctual.”


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