“We were still “- ∟19∟

Inside of those suspended emotions, in that forced silence, when the first knock made everybody jolted, and really slowly that atmosphere has deflated as a child’s balloon. At the second knock Scott have checked the monitors placed on a small table next to the long iron counter, and in a sigh he said: “They are coming” and he waited for the third one to open the shutter. And from above we have could hear a buzz that the more they we were going down, the more was increasing.

When the first group of creatures entered in the local, we have shared one of the most intense glance, and you, still kneeled in front of me, have said: “Here we are” and delicately you have got up holding my hand, then you have  helped me standing up, and we directed toward the counter, and we sat down on two  stools, while behind the counter Scott was looking at the whole scene speechless.
As much big the local was,  it wasn’t able to contain every creature. Fortunately the understairs was enough spacious, and the latest ogres of different measure and size, had find a place there, and as much small the entrance door was it was enough heavy, so Scott have decided to leave it open, and he went out to give them some copies of that sketch that the others had found  on each chair, stool and on the only long bench, and they were taking to examine it. 

Among that bunch of creatures has came out even the leader of the city patrol, and after given a latest gaze to that enomous group, he have looked at us and at end he have whispered: “When you are ready,  we can begin.” and he remained next to us. I thrown a gaze toward you and nodding, you have gave the way to that reunion. 
I was looking for other familiar gazes that would give me more courage in facing those creatures who looked a little at the sketch in their hands, and a little those beings in front of them, not quite understanding what they had to do with all this.

The reunion have started only when the leader of the city patrol, got up on his foot and he cleared his voice, summarizing in few words the theme of that assembly: “Kitra, the sketch you have, and these two beings… they will be the main points of this reunion. I want begin from the latest point: these two beings…”  looking at toward our part. We have shared a quick gaze and unconsciously we held the hands, and we have continued to listen to him, explaining to the audience what it would be our job. 
Some murmuring and some grievances have lifted up after that latest sentence. We have looked at us, but we have could understand them: who we were for them? Only two strange beings, that as much they could know, we didn’t know nothing about Kitra and about her vanishing, but they didn’t know from how long we were in that neighborhood. Only some few ogres, outside the local, had recognized us, as those beings in the Ogre Street, but they haven’t could answer back to that mess that was lifting up among those creatures inside the local.

Astonished, we have looked at Scott, Benjamin and the leader of the patrol, but only Bench came to our defence, and what he said silenced everybody, who almost have would prefered to buried themselves rather than continue to listen to his words.
For us it was the very first time that we heard his voice, but despite he was the youngest, he seemed the more mature of that bunch of creatures. 
“Instead they are the right ones, to investigate, we don’t know them well, and they don’t know us. You have put in difficulty Wally, because you know him to much well and you know his weaknesses, and now don’t hiding yourself. You have put in difficulty Wally because you have thought that he was doing wrong his job, and you haven’t gave him your collaboration because you have thought he wasn’t the right one. I spent the latest hours with them, and shit, they were able to make me do this sketch without do nothing. I said nothing, because it’s so that it seems, but it’s their worth that i was capable to indentify those footprints and go back to that creature”. 

Everybody had listened to Bench in silent, almost guilt for what Bench had passed since when Wally had left the investigation, and from the bottom to the local, one of the creature had said: “Let’s make them try, we have to do it for Bench, but above all for Scott” and when it has named him, we turned and we have seen  that big creature who was drying one tear from his face. 
We hadn’t still talking, but maybe there was no need. We were looking at those creatures who were staring at that sketch in each angolation possible, even in backlight, and maybe that drawing made by Bench and his words, had conviced those creatures to retry that way that they had crossed, setting free their mind from all those prejudices toward at their companion who had tried to do the best, and now they were looking at him with shame.”



Listen to it 


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