“We hadn’t” – ∟18∟

Nothing else to add. In those next glances, the leader of the city patrol had said us that he would organize everything, and thanking him we got up on our feet, and we have left him inside the office. He was taking the telephone handset, and he was already talking with someone. 

Leaving the big room, the other creatures who were running  from a part to another with sheet of papers, and their buzzing that was filling the ambient, we didn’t have realizing that another creature, had followed us, and as soon opened the gate of that building, have started to accomplish the duty that had received from rthe chief in person. 

Outside, it was still raining, and the asphalt was became completely wet, and now there were no only the intermittance of the traffic light mirroring in the several puddles scattered on the ground, but there was something else. Something that have catch our attention, because it was like that it was flying, announcing something important.

We were got back in the local, when Benjamin got up on his two feets, have indicated to look at the sky. 
Already a flying creature was warning the inhabitants about the assembly that it would be held at the club of Scott, and it was doing in the silent way. Each creature was watching that creature that with his lights was warning them, and each inhabitants, after taken note, were looking at around astonished, because they knew that it was something very important, and, already, the name of Kitra was rounding among those creatures, and it was the only reason that Scott would have opened his club to all. 
One creature have stopped Benjamin and with his hoarse voice, asked confirmation, but Benjamin said him: “I can’t say nothing, but be punctual we will see us there!”  

Only when the creature have left us, Benjamin have looked at us, as if he had to gave us a reason, and in a soft tone of voice: “I didn’t give him further information, because….” but we had understood the reason. Those creatures as much different they were among them, had one only a common vice: they were talking much, and if  the creature of the Bench’s drawing was around, the operation would be going to the hell before begin. It was better be prudent in these case, and looking at the flying creature, Benjamin, have whispered nodding to the chose of the leader to send that silent creature to warn everybody.  

Now we had to get back in the Scott local and waiting for that those creatures would be presented in front of the local. The rule of the three knock remained, and the flying creature was announcing still all the particulars in his silent monitor over the back. 
Now we had need of Bench, so gently i asked the Ogre to get back in the apartment and bring him here.
Almost we hadn’t recognized the local when we entered: Scott and the Ogre had done a good job: the two pool table were leaned on the opposite wall where there was only table well lit, and in the middle, in row all the chairs, stools and the only one long bench next to the window that facing in front the understairs, and only in front of the counter were remained those few stools that they would be used by who have would presented us to the inhabitants.

In front of that scenario, i sat on the chair next to the only table that hasn’t been touched, and i have looked at you wide eyes open. I had faced up the leader of that city patrol, looking at straight into your eyes, and it seemed me already a victory, but now i was really trembling. Now i didn’t know what say them. You came to me and kneeling in front of me, you have taken both my hands, and without ask me nothing, you have said: “It will be everything ok” i have smiled at you doubtful.
Without make notice, i took your hand, and i placed it on my chest, and you have could hear my heart beating  like a jackhammer.
Benjamin have attended the whole scene next to the two pool tables, but only when the Ogre have knocked three times, and we have seen him with Bench going through the small door, i threw away all the air from the lungs, and our glances met once again.
Only in that instant i nodded.


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“We were still “- ∟19∟⇒

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