Our electric shocks

Are crossing our minds, like soft caresses. 
Today i felt your delicate embrace wrapping my belly, and sweetly you have woke me. 

I threw away the air from the lungs, tightening your arms around my belly. 
Now our soft punch in the stomach is making us feel our connection, and everything we are feeling is taking us inside Our Parallel World.

I’m sure that you have smiled when you have read my comments.
Our shack is becoming always more magical, and  those rays of lights have transformed it in the most beautiful place i would stay with you. 
Now i understand it’s pontential. 

Your delicatness, your voice, that light that have caressed your skin…and that soft piece of cloth on your body, and now our electric shocks. 
I hold back the breath, and your embrace is tightneing me stronger, and those electric shocks that delicately crossing our minds…  are making us feel more united than before.
Talking to me trought your whispers, and i will understand that they are for me.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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