“Looking at” ∟17∟

Everybody in silence, we had  as soon put in act what we had decided to do in the next hours.
That  face, had to circulate between the inhabitants, and we had to make us see around the more possible next to the  creature in which the others, blindly believed in: Benjamin. 

In the Wally office we had seen a sort of printer and we had ask Scott to many copies as possible, while with Benjamin we would went to directly to the operative center of the city patrol to meet the chief to explain him our idea, and to invite him at the assembly.

The Ogre at the idea of exit again from that dark local, have preferred give an hand to Scott with the copies of the Bench sketch, and Scott looking straight into his eyes, nodded, and ask him settle at the best, all the tables, above all those two  pool table in the middle of that sort club for the chosen few, that in few hours would became a real headquarter for all our operations, and that selection would vanished in few seconds, after that, all those creatures would entered.

We have followed Benjamin, looking at us around, and that silence entering more in our heads, making whistling our ears. The piazza was empty. The only sounds we have could hear were our steps and the slimy sound of Benjamin who was running fast forward us.
A soft rain was falling, and on the concrete were transforming some small puddle, and the lights of  the only traffic light, were mirroing inside, creating a suspension atmosphere. 

We hadn’t make many steps, and Benjamin got up on his foot, and he dry himself, and said us: “Wait”, and he went in front of a gate and made a gesture to a webcam placed above making comprehend to whose was checking the webcam that he was with two others beings, then he made us undestand to come closer and he indicated us to look at an imprecise point above the glass and iron gate: we had seen only a intermittent small red light.

After a click the gate opened, and Benjamin have left us enter, but before push another silent button, he said us: “Don’t talk. Talk only if they ask you directly something. Let me do everything” and  said this he beckoned, and we have shared a glance. We had to follow their rules, so we made enter Benjamin first then we have took a glimpse of that organization leaded by a fascinating creature black leather dressed, and when he have seen me he asked me immediately my name, and looking at first you then Benjamin, i flushed and in a thread of voice i have replied. He was looking for to relax his guests, but in someways, he have agitated me more, but only you have perceived it, and delicately, you have taken my hand, looking at me and slowly my heart  got calm down.

The leader of that patrol, have said us to follow him in his office, so we have would could talk with a bit of calm.
I had the sensation that i would be me to explain the whole matter, and in fact has been so. I have look at you, and you have thrown me a glance, and your hand have tightened mine stronger. 
I have started trembling, but the more i have spoken, the more my glance was turning toward you, and without realizing i have continued talking, looking at into your eyes excluding everybody else, and only when i have ended, i threw away all the air from the lungs, sweetly smiling to you, then i slowly turned toward Benjamin and the chief of the patrol, who was ending take some notes. 

He asked Benjamin if we had that sketch, but unfortunately Benjaminn have said: “No”, but immediatley he added something about the assembly they we were about to organize, and without trembling, i added: “Just in these instants some of our friends are printing some copies of that sketch, and you will find them there”. You was looking at me, and right after i turned toward you and you have beckoned, and slowly our hands have touched once again.
“We came here to let us see from you and your team, because absolutely we have to find Kitra: many creatures here are suffering for her vanishing, and we think that we have to do more than a curfew. The Wally files have helped, but now with this mugshot we know who we have to search for, and the assembly can make know to the inhabitants who we are, and what we want to do in once. That’s we want” and what you have said, have swept away all the doubts that were still in the that room.
Looking at you for the umpeenth time, i threw away all the air from the lungs, and our hands were tightened stronger, one in another.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“We wanted” – ∟16∟

“We hadn’t” – ∟18∟⇔

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