It seems

Everything is taking us in Our Parallel World, and that shoulder almost bare, is making me bite my lips, as if you have read my latest thought, and you wanted let me know it. 

My heart is beating hard. Your sigh before the latest reading, has made me think that you was waiting for my first comment, but it hasn’t been. 
I close the eyes for a moment, and i can feel your approachment behind me and your arms are enveloping me sweetly.

You turn me and when our eyes meet that shirt falling over your shoulder, and you are approaching to me, and in a whisper: “Each your desire become an order: despite our distance i can feel you”

I remain lack breath, looking at that shoulder almost discovered, and those eyes so profound straight into mine. I can feel your skin perfume around at me.
And that shack enclose all our feelings that we are feeling one another.

…That shoulder, your sigh, our hearts that are beating at unison. 
Our desire…. and that shirt the slowly falling over your shoulder. 
Our slow dance. 
That’s is our connection.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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