“We wanted” – ∟16∟

Immediately warn Benjamin Scott and above all Wally, about Bench discover, but by now the curfew has came, and although knew what face had the creature, not everybody inhabitants had met us, and we could run some danger, so for that time we had decide to stay in the apartment, and Bench have would rest better than in the Ogre Street, and we have invited him to went upstair, on bed, while we have would could rest on sofa, and however talk more with Ogre.

While we were looking at Bench going upstairs, the Ogre have took the latest sheet of paper that the youngish creature had left on the little table in front of the sofa, and he remained speechless, and he started to murmurng something that it sounded like something that he didn’t want let Bench know.

“The first time he have drawn the footprint of one creature in that smelling street, i didn’t know he had a talent like this: Recreate the whole form of the creature just from the footprints. I remained lack breathe when for play i wanted see if he was wrong. As you noticed the Ogre street hasn’t the concrete, but a light sand, and there it easy to left each kind of  footprints. One day i asked him to deduce the form of one creature only from the footprint in front of him. I had glimpsed one of them on the sand, and after drawn the footprints, in a blink he had drawn that creature perfectly, and now that i’m looking this one, i can say you it’s him. Don’t have any doubt.” and the more the Ogre was looking at him, the more he had fear of.
He was looking at above all that glance lost in the void, and in that eye popping out, he could have see that vein of madness, as much that, at a certain point, he thrown away that sheet of paper that he had, and he got up shaking, and at end, he said: “If Bench have drawn this creature, it’s her that you have to find”, starting to walk round the apartment searching for to calm down.

Astonished for what we had as soon heard, and looking at Ogre so nervous, you have took again the sketch of that creature, and we have studied it together, and immediately after we had decided to go out, despite the curfew, but we had to warn Benjamin and Scott and let make them see that drawing.

After a couple of glances with the Ogre, we had understood that he wanted follow us, and just have lifted the glance to the mezzanine, the Ogre have looked at us, and said: “Don’t worry. Despite i have hosted him from long time in my corner, this is the very first time he is sleep really good. He will don’t notice our absence”. Said this, we nodded and we have left the apartment with that sketch in hand.

The city was surrounded only by the soft sound of the silence, and the soft breeze was make dance the leafs on the trees along that sidewalk that we had crossed only for half, then we entered in a small alley with no lights, and in this way we had avoided to be noticed by the patrol that was checking that everybody respected the curfew.
In front of the closed shutter we had knocked three times and in few seconds, Scott came to open us.
We entered in hurry.
Only the Ogre have had some problems due his big size, but he have solved, sliding along the staircase wall, and only when he was able to cross the small door, he remained breathless: he didn’t have never entered in, and Benjamin have looked at him a bit scared. 
It was you to introduce him to Scott the most interested of what we had to say. 

Pulling out the sheet of paper you have thrown a glance to Ogre and asked him to repeat what he had said us in the apartment about Bench and his ability, and only at half  of the speech, you have put the sketch on the only table well lit, and for the very first time Scott saw who had kidnapped her sister, and without realizing he had whispered her name. 

Giving him some soft pats on his shoulders, you have suggested to call Wally as soon possible, and call an assembly witht the city patrol and warn everybody of this creature, while you and me, have would start to knock door by door to listen if someone had seen that creatures around.

Finally we everybody were going toward in an unique road. 
Everything thanx Bench.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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